Bwin Account Closed, Suspended or Limited?

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Bwin is one of the biggest betting brands in Europe, and as such is under a lot of pressure from European regulators to run a tight ship and prevent abuse of its systems.

As a result Bwin needs to keep a close eye on user accounts to ensure that there is no illegal or problematic behaviour taking place on the platform.

This is partially enforced with automated monitoring systems which flag accounts for suspicious or problematic activity.

So, if you have justed tried to log into your Bwin account and run into problems, you’re going to want to read this guide to what to do when Bwin blocks, closes or limits your account.

You’ll find out what may be responsible for your account suspension and restriction and learn about steps you can make to recover access to your account.

Type of Bwin account restrictions

There are three basic types of account restrictions you may encounter as a Bwin user.

  1. Temporary suspension: This type of suspension is usually imposed for a limited period of time while Bwin investigates potential violations or resolves security concerns.
  2. Permanent suspension: This type of suspension results in the permanent closure of an account, and is typically imposed for severe violations of Bwin’s terms of service or responsible gaming policy.
  3. Limited account: This type of suspension restricts access to certain features or services on the Bwin platform, such as deposits, withdrawals, or placing bets.

Reasons for Bwin account suspensions and restrictions

Your Bwin account can be suspended if your activity on the account triggers the software used to monitor the Bwin user base for suspicious activity.

Violating terms and conditions

There are many reasons Bwin may restrict your account, however, the main reasons for account restrictions include:

  1. Violation of terms of service or responsible gaming policy.
  2. Suspected fraudulent or illegal activity.
  3. Abusing special offers and promotions
  4. Multiple accounts registered by the same person.
  5. Incomplete or inaccurate personal information.
  6. Failure to pass identity verification.
  7. Repeatedly entering an incorrect password for the account.
  8. Insufficient security measures to protect the account.

Consistently winning money

Like many bookies, Bwin will eventually target accounts that consistently generate profits. These accounts will typically not be suspended, but will instead have limits imposed on stakes and winnings.

Furthemore, Bwin may identify and suspend accounts that engage in strategies that are likely to generate long term profits, including

  • arbitrage.
  • value betting.

While both of the above strategies can be effective ways to generate long term profits, they both have ‘fingerprints’ that AI can identify with relative ease.

Personal account closure or lock outs

If you can’t access your Bwin account the explanation may be that you opted for exclusion at some point or closed your own account. You can contact Bwin support to confirm this.

How to get your Bwin account back

You will need to get in touch with Bwin’s customer support services to get your account back.

  1. Email: You can send an email to Bwin’s customer support team at
  2. Phone: You can call Bwin’s customer support team using the following number: +44 203 727 3939
  3. Live chat: Bwin offers a live chat service for customers to speak with a representative in real-time. The live chat service can be accessed through the Bwin website.
  4. FAQ: Bwin provides a comprehensive FAQ section on their website that may answer common customer questions and concerns.

If you received an email from Bwin informing you about your account suspension or restriction you can also reply to this directly to get more information.

What to do if Bwin won’t lift your account suspension or restrictions

There is a reasonable chance that restriction or suspension of your account won’t be lifted once this has been imposed.

In such cases the best thing to do is to move on and explore what other major bookmakers have to offer, including the big names in the industry like:

However, if you have funds locked into your Bwin account you may want to take the matter further with relevant watchdog organizations. If you are in the UK you can contact the Independent Betting Adjudicating Service (IBAS) for assistance or log a complaint on a 3rd party consumer report service like Trustpilot or Hello Peter and attempt to escalate your complaint.

How to avoid having your betting account restricted in future

It is important to follow Bwin’s guidelines to avoid account suspensions and ensure a safe and enjoyable betting experience. This starts with familiarizing yourself with Bwin’s terms and conditions when signing up for your betting account.

In general you should always avoid the following activities when betting online:

  • providing inaccurate personal information
  • attempting to run duplicate accounts
  • using 3rd party payment details to make deposits or withdrawals
  • underage betting
  • betting from a country where an operator or online betting is restricted.

Bwin suspended account FAQs

Does bwin limit winning accounts?

Yes, Bwin reserves the right to limit betting activity on winning accounts, typically by setting lower winning limits per bet.

Can you reopen a closed bwin account?

Once a Bwin account has been blocked or suspended it cannot be re-opened. However, if you self-excluded from an account your account will be accessible once the exclusion period you selected has ended.