Is 888sport Down?

Are you having issues accessing the 888Sport website? Our 888Sport uptime monitor provides up-to-date reports on the status of the website every 3 minutes from locations around the globe.

Frequently asked questions

It says 888Sport is up, but it does not work for me?

If our 888Sport uptime monitor is reporting that the website is up but you are still unable to access it, the steps below can help you to access the website.

1. It is possible that the 888Sport website is only down in your location. Our systems check if the website is up in Japan, Australia, the United States, Finland and Germany. For other locations you can check here or here.

2.  If you can’t access 888Sport in your location then connect to a VPN service in another country and check whether the website works. Note that doing so may violate 888Sport’s terms and conditions and/or local gambling legislation, so proceed with caution.

3. If you are already using a VPN there is also a chance that your VPN may be the cause of the issue, as gambling websites may block IP ranges typically used by VPN subscribers. To confirm turn off your VPN and check if the 888Sport website loads.

4. 888Sport will report any major outages on its Twitter page, so visit their Twitter profile to check whether there are reports of the website being down in any locations.

5. Settings on your device may be blocking access to the 888Sport website. Check your firewall, antivirus and parental control settings to see if gambling content is restricted.

6.  Restart the device you are using to access the 888Sport website to reset its internet connection. If you are able to, restart the router or modem that is being used to connect to the internet as well.

7. Attempt to access 888Sport through an alternative Internet connection. Gambling websites may be banned by public Wi-Fi services.

8. Open a private/incognito browser session and access the 888Sport website to bypass your browser’s cache and cookies.

9. Alternatively try to access 888Sport on a browser you don’t usually use, for example MS Edge if you usually use Firefox.

10. If either of these approaches work and you find that your browser is blocking access to the 888Sport website you can clear your browser cache and cookies. Instructions on doing this are available here.

11. Clear the DNS cache on your device. Instructions on how to do this are available here.

12.   As a last resort you can attempt to change the IP addresses on your DNS server. First save your current settings and then follow this guide to changing DNS settings. A list of alternative DNS server IPs is available here.

I get an error code in my browser when I try to access 888Sport

A guide to browser error codes is available here.

It says 888Sport is down, what can I do?

1. Wait for the 888Sport technical team to resolve the issue.

2. Follow 888Sport on Twitter to see if they post any updates.

3. Contact 888Sport support.

4. Do your betting at another major bookie and score a risk free bet in the process.

How long is 888Sport down for?

The 888Sport website should not be down for long. To find out how long the website has been down for in the past you can browse the 888Sport Twitter feed for records of previous incidents.

Why is 888Sport not working?

The 888Sport website can be inaccessible for various reasons. These range from a website outage to issues with your internet connection or configuration issues on your device.

888Sport live streaming is not working

We do not monitor the status of the live streams used by 888Sport. If you are able to access the website but not the streams contact customer support for more information, or check whether 888Sport is reporting any streaming issues on their Twitter page.

The 888Sport app is down

We do not monitor the status of the 888Sport app. If the app is not working you can still follow the steps listed under ‘It says 888Sport is up, but it doesn’t work for me?’ to resolve the issue.

I am experiencing 888Sport login problems

If you are unable to login to the 888Sport website you can contact customer support for more information about the status of your account.

Which alternative bookmaker should I use?

Registering with an extra online bookmaker is a logical choice, as it enables you to continue wagering even when 888sport is temporarily unavailable. Furthermore, this grants you access to an expanded range of odds and betting promotions, while also providing a backup bookie for use when necessary.

The bookmakers listed below are both trustworthy and well-established in the industry.

Official 888sport twitter timeline

888sport support and contact details

Support site:

Contact page: