Is Betfred Down?

If you can’t access Betfred and are looking for answers you are in the right place. Our Betfred uptime monitor checks the Betfred website over a dozen times an hour from a variety of locations. This gives you an accurate idea of whether the Betfred website is down or there are local issues on your device preventing you from accessing the website.

Frequently asked questions

It says Betfred is up, but it does not work for me?

The Betfred website may be reported as being up while you are personally unable to access any content on the website. If this happens it is most likely a local issue on your device, and you can take the following steps to troubleshoot the issue.

1.  Our systems check if Betfred is working in Finland, Germany, Japan, the USA and Australia. If you need to run additional tests for other locations you can do so here or here.

2. Betfred may be inaccessible from countries where it is not licensed to operate. You can use a VPN to test access to Betfred from another location to see if the website is available. However, we would recommend against logging into your account using a VPN as this may violate gambling laws in your location as well as the Betfred T&Cs.

3. Betfred reports major website outages on Twitter. So you can check in on Twitter to see if there is any news of a website outage.

4. If you usually access Betfred on a VPN, turn it off. It is possible that your VPN may have been added to a list of restricted IP addresses.

5. Local access settings may impact your access to Betfred, especially if a 3rd party changed access settings on your account. Check your firewall, parental control and anti-virus settings to confirm if you are actively being blocked from the website on your device.

6. Reset your internet connection. If you are using mobile data, turn your device on and off. If you are connecting via Wi-Fi, reset the Wi-Fi connection by turning your router off and on again.

7. Your browser cache and cookies can both cause issues with loading a website. You can get easy instructions on how to clear the cache and cookies of any browser here.

8. You can also try to open an incognito session for Betfred on your browser.

9. Also try to switch between browsers. If you usually access Betfred on Chrome, try to access the website from Microsoft Edge or Safari.

10. Clear the DNS cache on your device. Instructions on how to do this are here.

11. You can change the IP address on your DNS server if none of the above works. Record your existing IP settings before making changes. You can find out how to change your DNS server here. A list of alternative DNS server IPs is available here.

I get an error code in my browser when I try to access Betfred

The browser error code can be used to tell you why you’re unable to access the website. A guide to error codes is available here. If the Betfred uptime monitor shows that the website is down, the error codes are not relevant and you’ll need to wait for Betfred to resolve the issue.
If our uptime monitor shows that the Betfred website is up, you can also contact Betfred support to get further recommendations.

It says Betfred is down, what can I do?

1.  Open a betting account at another bookie if you need to urgently place a bet. Boylesports, bet365 and William Hill all offer top quality odds and features.

2.  Be patient. Betfred will fix their website as soon as possible.

3.  Check Twitter for status updates on the website.

4.  You can also contact Betfred on Twitter or via their support services to get feedback on the situation.

How long is Betfred down for?

Betfred won’t be down for long. Be assured that a team of technicians is working full time to get the website back up and running.

Why is Betfred not working?

A website can be unavailable for a variety of reasons. These can range from settings on your device, to connectivity issues and restricted locations. The website may also be down due to maintenance or a technical error.

Betfred live streaming is not working

Betfred’s streaming services are independent of its website. If you are unable to access these you can contact Betfred support or visit Twitter for more information.

The Betfred app is down

The Betfred app is independent to the website. Our uptime monitor for Betfred will therefore not tell if the app is currently down. However, we recommend that you work through the checklist under ‘It says Betfred is up, but it does not work for me?’ if you are unable to access the app.

I am experiencing Betfred login problems

Betfred login issues are unrelated to the status of the Betfred website. You will need to contact Betfred support if you are having problems getting into your account.

Which other bookie can I use?

Instead of Betfred some other bookmakers that we can recommend and which are trusted are:

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