Is William Hill Down?

You can find out it if William Hill is down using our William Hill uptime monitor. This checks William Hill every 3 minutes across multiple locations. If you are having issues accessing William Hill this will confirm whether the website or server are down.

Frequently asked questions

It says William Hill is up, but it does not work for me?

If our William Hill monitor reports that William Hill is up but you are still unable to access the website, please try one of the following:
1. Run more location tests – our systems can detect if William Hill is working in the USA, Germany, Finland, Japan and Australia. You can test the William Hill website for additional locations here or here.
2. Check if your country is restricted. Some countries block access to the William Hill website altogether. The countries blocking access to William Hill are constantly changing. If you are unsure if William Hill is blocked in your location, you can attempt to access the website using a VPN. Please note that you do so at your own risk as you may be violating local laws as well as William Hill’s own terms and conditions.
3. Check William Hill’s Twitter timeline. They are likely to report any significant website downtime or disruptions on this account.
4. Disable your VPN. Your VPN may interfere with your access to certain websites. If you are running a VPN turn it off and test whether you are now able to access the William Hill website.
5. Check local access settings. Your device firewall, anti-virus software and parental control settings can all block you from access the William Hill server.
6. Reset your Internet connection. You can do this by turning your device off then on again, as well as turning your modem off for 30 seconds then turning it on again.
7. Clear your browser cookies and cache. A guide to clearing your cache for any browser or device is available here.
8. Try a different browser. An extension on your regular browser may be interfering with access to the website.
9. Open an incognito browsing session. Try this in more than one browser to determine if your regular browser settings or cookies are interfering with your access to William Hill.
10. Clear your DNS cache. A detailed guide on how to do this on any device is available here.
11. Change your DNS server IPs. A guide for change DNS server Ips is available here. Ensure that you record your current DNS settings before changing them so that you can change them back if necessary. A list of alternative DNS server IPs is available here.

I get an error code in my browser when I try to access William Hill

The error code displayed will give an indication of what is preventing you from accessing William Hill. You can check the meaning of different error codes here. If our William Hill monitor indicates that the website is down, then there is nothing you can do but wait for the error to resolve.

If our monitor indicates that the website is up and you are still seeing error codes, then you can contact William Hill support for further assistance.

It says William Hill is down, what can I do?

1. Be patient – website errors are usually resolved promptly by William Hill’s technical team.
2. Check Twitter – William Hill’s Twitter timeline may provide more information
3. Contact support – William Hill support may be able to provide further information.
4. Try a different bookie. There are a number of major bookmakers that you can use to place your sports bets, the majority of which will give you a sign-up bonus if you set up an account while William Hill is down.

How long is William Hill down for?

The William Hill website will typically only be down for short periods of time. If you visit William Hill’s Twitter page you can get an idea of when the issue first started. You can also browse previous incidents to see how long the site was down for on other occasions.

Why is William Hill not working?

The William Hill website may be down for several reasons. This could include issues with your connection or browser, attempts to access the website from restricted locations or technical issues being experienced on the website affecting all users.

William Hill TV / live streaming is not working

We are only able to monitor the status of the William Hill website. If specific website features or services, like live streaming, are not working or are unavailable these may be having their own outages. You can check the William Hill Twitter page for any mentions of outages or alternatively contact William Hill support and get feedback on the situation.

The William Hill app is down

We are unable to monitor if the William Hill app is down. This means that the William Hill app may be down even when this page indicates that the website is available. If this page reports that the William Hill website is up but you still have issues with the app, please work through the steps beneath ‘It says William Hill is up, but it does not work for me?’.

I am experiencing William Hill login problems

You can contact William Hill customer support via online chat for more information on locked account and invalid password errors.

Which other online bookmaker should I use?

Signing up with another online bookmaker makes sense because it allows you to place bets while William Hill is down. You also get access to more odds and betting offers and have a fallback bookie to use when you need it.

The following bookies are trusted and established bookmakers.

Check out our bookmaker reviews and sign-up offers for more information.

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