Ladbrokes Account Suspended, Restricted or Closed?

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As one of the largest UK bookies, Ladbrokes has its hands full ensuring that its massive user base follows its terms of service and doesn’t do anything that could get the company in hot water with government regulators.

To keep unwanted activity to a minimum Ladbrokes actively monitors its user accounts for problematic behaviour using automated software and will suspend or restrict user accounts for several reasons.

So, if you’ve just tried to log into your Ladbrokes account and discovered that it has been suspended or restricted this guide is for you.

We’ll help you identify what may have caused the suspension or restriction of your account and advise you of the steps you can take to recover full access to your account.

Type of Ladbrokes account restrictions

There are three basic types of account restrictions you may encounter as a Ladbrokes user.

Account suspensions

An account suspension occurs when Ladbrokes prevents you from logging into your account, giving you the message that your account has been suspended. You may also receive an email informing you of your suspension. A suspended account will be taken offline to prevent any repeat of the violations that resulted in the suspension. Your account may be further investigated by Ladbrokes while it is under suspension.

Account restrictions

A Ladbrokes account restriction will allow you to log into your account but will restrict your ability to place bets on the platform in some way. In many cases this will involve restricting the maximum stake you bet on the Ladbrokes betting markets, limiting your potential winnings.

Account closure

An account closure can take place if you or Ladbrokes find cause to permanently stop your activity on its betting services. Account closure is permanent, and you will be unable to access your account in future.

Reasons for Ladbrokes account suspensions and restrictions

Ladbrokes accounts will be suspended or restricted when account activity triggers the software they use to monitor user accounts for undesirable activity.

Violating terms and conditions

If you violate one of the rules in the terms and conditions you accepted when signing up for your Ladbrokes account, you may have your account suspended or closed.

Ladbrokes terms and conditions cover activities ranging from the illegal to those that pose a threat to the company’s operations or profitability.

They include:

  • setting up an account using false personal information
  • abusing special offers and promotions
  • violating age limit policies
  • using potentially fraudulent methods to fund an account (such as depositing using a 3rd party’s payment details)
  • showing indications of involvement in match fixing
  • money laundering.

Consistently winning money

Winning accounts can pose a threat to a threat to a bookie’s bottom line, and they therefore won’t hesitate to restrict activities on accounts which generate good profits.

As a result, some forms of profitable low risk, or no risk, betting are restricted or banned by Ladbrokes as soon as they are identified. These include:

  • Using arbitrage to guarantee a profit from your betting, using a Ladbrokes account. 
  • Using value betting to guarantee long term profits from your betting activity.

Both arbitrage and value betting generate signals that the bookie’s AI can identify. However, you may still run into problems even if you’re not arbing or value betting, and your betting activities resemble these strategies – or you win too much too often.

Personal account closure or lock outs

One of the simplest explanations for a closed account could be that you opted to close your account yourself at some point. If you’re locked it out it could be because you opted into a self-exclusion period. 

How to get your Ladbrokes account back

The only way you can get your Ladbrokes account back is to get in touch with customer services and ask them why your account has been restricted, suspended or closed and request that they restore it.

Ladbrokes Support

If you received an email from Ladbrokes customer support to inform you about your account suspension or restriction you can also reply to the message to get more information.

Note that Ladbrokes has relatively limited customer support services compared to other big bookies. You will need to be patient as it may take a while to receive feedback on your account closure. Furthermore, there is no guarantee your account suspension or restrictions will be lifted once you have contacted Ladbrokes customer support.

What to do if Ladbrokes won’t lift your account suspension or restrictions

If Ladbrokes won’t lift your account suspension or restrictions, your best option is to simply move on. A number of major UK bookmakers offer services and benefits that surpass anything Ladbrokes has to offer. These include big names like:

If you are located in the UK and having problems retrieving your account funds, or wish to take the matter further for any other reason, you can also contact the Independent Betting Adjudicating Service (IBAS) to intervene in the matter or lodge a complaint on a 3rd party consumer report service like Trustpilot or Hello Peter and try to escalate the matter.

How to avoid having your betting account restricted in future

It is always a good idea to read through a bookie’s terms of service before signing up for an account. Many activities you may not consider problematic may be considered serious violations by your bookmaker and can easily result in account suspension. 

While the things to avoid may vary slightly from one bookie to the next, always avoid the following:

  • providing false personal information during signup
  • using 3rd party bank or payment details to make deposits
  • attempting underage betting
  • attempting to place bets from a restricted geographic area
  • opening more than one betting account at the same bookie.

Ladbrokes suspended account FAQs

Does Ladbrokes close winning accounts?

There are anecdotal reports online of winning accounts being closed by Ladbrokes. However, a winning account is more likely to be restricted than closed. This means you’ll only be able to bet at very low stakes when using your account.

Can you reopen a closed Ladbrokes account?

No, once a Ladbrokes account is closed it will be permanently unavailable and you will need to open a new account to continue betting at this bookmaker.

How do I reactivate my Ladbrokes account?

If you Ladbrokes account has been deactivated or suspended due to a self-exclusion you will need to contact customer support to reactivate it. Note that if your account was deactivated for violations of the Ladbrokes terms of service it is unlikely it will be reactivated.

Can you reopen a Ladbrokes account after self-exclusion?

Yes, you can reopen a Ladbrokes account after self-exclusion by contacting 0800 731 6191.

How long is Ladbrokes self-exclusion?

Ladbrokes self-exclusion periods range from a minimum of 6 months to indefinitely depending on the time frame you choose during the self-exclusion process.