Sky Bet account suspended? What you need to know

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If you’re reading this you’ve received the dreaded ‘account suspended’ notice when you tried to access your Sky Bet account.

This can be frustrating if you have bets pending in your account, winnings have been credited to your account and are locked into it, or you’ve been making use of special offers from the Sky Bet Club.

UK bookmakers are under increasing pressure by governments and regulatory bodies to clamp down on money laundering and problem gambling, which is resulting in increasingly strict management of user accounts. Furthermore, various automated mechanisms are in place to identify customers attempting to breach terms of service, particularly those customers opening multiple accounts.

Reasons why your Sky Bet account may have been suspended

If your account has been suspended it could be for any of the following reasons:

  1. Attempting to open a new account after self-excluding from a previous account. A bookie can pick up duplicate personal and payment information and will flag your account if this is the case.
  2. Attempting to open an account using a family member’s details. If any details on the account match your existing account, the account could be flagged.
  3. Attempting to open a second account to cash in on sign-up offers or because you forget the details of your first account. This will almost certainly lead to account suspension unless all your details are different to your primary account.
  4. Logging into your account from outside of the UK and Ireland. Sky Bet only allows betting to take place within the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  5. Sky Bet wishes to verify your identity for any reason.
  6. Potentially fraudulent activity has been picked up on your account. This could include incidents like hackers repeatedly attempting to access your account.
  7. There have been reports from customers that Sky Bet blocks deposits and suspends accounts for customers who win too much.

How do I unsuspend my Sky Bet account?

If your account is suspended you should take the following steps:

  1. Check your inbox and spam filter to check for any messages explaining why your account has been suspended.
  2. Check if an existing SkyBet account is associated with your email address. You can attempt to recover your details at this link.
  3. If this does not work an option to take an ‘enhanced journey’ will be made available, which gives you the opportunity to provide more information about your issue.
  4. If the above methods don’t get your account back, and you are sure you are not in violation of the terms of service, you can take the step of contacting customer support. Live chat services are available on their website for this purpose.

It is possible that taking the above steps may not resolve your account issues and your account will remain permanently suspended.

If you believe that your suspension is wrongful and Sky Bet are unresponsive to your concerns, you can contact the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) and make a claim against the bookie.

If a violation of the rules enforced by the UK Gambling Commission has taken place you can report the matter to the Gambling Commission. Note, however, that they will not arbitrate on your specific case.

What do I do if I’m permanently restricted by Sky Bet?

If you’re permanently restricted by Sky Bet the good news is there are dozens of other licensed bookmakers operating in the United Kingdom.

This includes several betting brands with far bigger user bases, who offer competitive odds. a wide variety of betting markets and daily betting specials similar to what you’re accustomed to from the Sky Bet Club.

  1. If it is the Sky Bet Club you miss and betting specials you are after, then William Hill is your go-to bookmaker. This bookie’s special offers are comparable to anything you would find in the Sky Bet Club.
  2. If you want great odds on UK and Irish horseracing, bet365 is the place to bet. They offer to beat the prices of other high profile UK bookies on all races shown live on ITV and offer several ongoing betting specials on popular sports like football and tennis.
  3. For competitive odds and a decent selection of special offers Boylesports is yet another good option.


How do I recover my SkyBet account?

If you do not remember your login details for your account you can submit your email address here and recover your user ID.

Why is my bet suspended?

If SkyBet has picked up suspicious activity on your account they may suspend a bet, and even suspend your account. If this happens contact customer support to follow up on your issue.

Why can’t I log into my SkyBet account?

The main reasons you would be unable to log into your account include:
1. submitting incorrect login details
2. account suspension.
You can recover your account details with your email address here. If your account was suspended you will see a message to this effect when you try to log into your account.

Can I bet whilst I am abroad?

No, Sky Bet does not accept bets that are not placed in the British Isles. This means that attempting to log in from outside the region could lead to your account being blocked. Also bear in mind that using a VPN service with a foreign IP may cause similar issues when attempting place bets.

Can I open more than one account?

No, only one account per user is permitted, and if you operate multiple accounts you will be in violation of Sky Bets terms of service. If you have forgotten your account ID you can recover it here.

How to close your account

You can close your account by having a chat with customer support. If you wish to close your account for a limited period to cool off, you can:
1. navigate to My Account in Sky Bet
2. scroll down to Responsible Gambling
3. Select ‘Self-Exclusion’ and the period you want to be excluded.
Note that self-exclusion will be enforced on your account and will be carried across to affiliated betting platforms.

How to recover your User ID or Pin online ?

You can recover your user ID at Sky Bet by visiting this link.

How long can Sky Bet suspend your account?

If you have self-excluded the period of suspension you selected at the time of exclusion will be enforced. Once this period ends you will need to contact to reactivate and access your account.
If your account has been permanently suspended Sky Bet is likely to refuse any attempt to open a new account. Therefore, if your attempts to recover your account via their customer support channels fails, you should assume your suspension is permanent.