William Hill Account Suspended?

While William Hill is one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, it has fewer issues than some of its major rivals when it comes to account suspensions.

You’ll need generally need to do something serious before your account gets shut down. Which also means you probably won’t be wondering what you did wrong when this happens.

However, if you’ve tried to log into your account and have found that it is suspended, and don’t know why this happened, then this article will help you to figure out what happened and what to do next.

Types of William Hill account restrictions

It is rare for William Hill to be accused of limiting user betting behaviour by setting stakes or winnings limits. Instead this bookie will severely limit your ability to access your account.

Account closure

If your account is closed you will not be able to log into it at all. This is because your account will have been flagged for something serious and the intention is to limit your ability to continue your behaviour or access resources in your account.

Suspended account

You will still be able to access some features of a suspended account. However, you may be restricted from depositing funds, placing new bets or both, or may have your access limited to specific areas of the website related to your policy violation.

Reasons for William Hill account suspensions 

William Hill doesn’t have a huge list of reasons for shutting down your account. 

If it’s not a straightforward technical error or self-exclusion that resulted in your account being suspended, you have either violated a critical policy or broken gambling laws that apply in your jurisdiction .

Here are some of the ways you can find yourself locked out of your account. If you don’t believe any of these reasons apply, review the William Hill terms and conditions for a full list of their policies.

Account self exclusion

William Hill allows its users to self exclude from their accounts for periods between 6 months and 5 years. Once self excluded you won’t be able to access your account under any circumstances. 

Technical errors

William Hill account restrictions are so rare that you can assume your account was shut down by a technical error if you are suddenly unable to access it and haven’t been engaging in illegal activity. There are numerous reports of William Hill users having their account access restricted due to technical issues, and these were promptly resolved when they contacted customer support.


Bookies are always on the lookout for punters who are engaging in arbitrage, and share intelligence amongst themselves to identify ‘arbers’. This is fairly easy for them to do as most arbers engage in similar patterns of betting behaviour, and once they’re identified they are banned for life.

Using multiple accounts

Operating multiple accounts hoists a variety of red flags that William Hill’s AI is designed to spot. For practical purposes William Hill prefers each user to operate a single account, but multiple accounts are also a signal of sign-up offer abuse and attempts to evade previous account suspensions.

Underage betting

If you’re under 18 and you access the William Hill website you’re going to find yourself kicked off by this bookie quickly. You’ll not only have provided fraudulent age verification details, but you’ve violated one of the most important laws that bookies are expected to uphold.

Inactive account

Accounts that are inactive for an extended period of time will be deactivated by William Hill. In these cases the account will only be reactivated once the user’s personal details have gone through another round of verification.

How to get your suspended William Hill account back

The first step towards getting your suspended William Hill account back is to contact William Hill customer support, who will assist you in finding out why your account was suspended.

You can contact William Hill using live chat here

Contacting William Hill support will guarantee that you get feedback on your account closure. However, it does not mean that you will get your account back if you have violated one of their policies.

What to do if you don’t get your suspended William Hill account back

If you don’t get your suspended William Hill account back, the best thing to do is move on. William Hill’s policies explicitly give it the right to suspend accounts at the bookie’s discretion, and going through some sort of legal or adjudication process is unlikely to be worthwhile if all you want to do is place a bet.

Fortunately, while William Hill is definitely one of the best bookies around, there are several others that offer comparable services and benefits to their users. They also tend to offer great sign-up offers, which will sweeten the bitter pill of losing access to your William Hill account.

Here are some bookies with solid reputations who offer some of the same great features as William Hill, including live streaming, regular betting specials and a massive selection of odds markets:

How to avoid having your William Hill betting account restricted in future

If you want to stay on the right side of William Hill’s rules you’re going to need to know what those rules are, which means reading through their terms and conditions on signup.

There are isolated reports of users complaining of their accounts being restricted for unfair reasons, but the reality is you can usually avoid account suspension at William Hill by avoiding the following:

  • engaging in arbitrage
  • opening more than one account at William Hill
  • providing false information during the account verification process
  • engaging in any fraudulent behaviour on the website, including the use of someone else’s payment methods and identity
  • abusing William Hill’s bonus and promotional offers.

Can William Hill legally suspend your account?

When you accept William Hill’s terms and conditions during signup you agree that this bookie can terminate your account at its discretion. This means the law is on William Hill’s side in the event of an account suspension. 

William Hill suspended account FAQ

How do I unblock my William Hill account

If access to your William Hill account has been blocked you will need to contact William Hill customer support on live chat and ask a customer service representative to investigate.

What does cash out suspended mean

Cash out suspensions are not related to restricted William Hill accounts. Instead this is a temporary restriction placed on betting markets suspended by bookmakers, usually while the odds for that market are being recalculated.

Why is my William Hill account closed

If your William Hill account is closed, it is most likely because it was inactive for an extended period of time, you self-excluded from William Hill at some point or because you violated the terms and conditions of your user agreement with this bookie.

Why is my bet suspended William Hill

Bets are suspended when a betting market is suspended for any reason. Most often this refers to live betting markets where something has occurred in the betting market that requires William Hill to re-calculate the odds for that market.

Why is my William Hill account restricted

If you are able to login to your William Hill account but your access to many features has been restricted it is likely you have violated the terms and conditions of your agreement with William Hill, and your account activities have been limited to prevent further policy violations. You’ll need to contact customer services on live chat to find out more information.

How long does William Hill verification take

William Hill verification typically takes around 24 hours, but can take up to 72 hours.