William Hill Plus

William Hill Plus

William Hill Plus is a value-added service that is available to registered William Hill users in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The William Hill Plus Card

The William Hill Plus Card is the foundation of the William Hill Plus service.

This is a cash card that is linked to a William Hill user’s online account, allowing users to withdraw funds from their betting account at any William Hill branch.

One of the biggest benefits of the William Hill card is that it allows users to instantly withdraw winnings from any bet, instead of waiting a couple of days for the winnings to be processed.

It also allows users to transfer winnings made from bets placed in William Hill shops to their online betting accounts.

Finally you can also use the William Plus card to deposit money and place bets on betting terminals at William Hill branches.

The William Hill Plus App

The William Hill Plus app is designed to work hand-in-hand with the William Hill cash out card. Like the card, it serves as a bridge between the online betting experience and William Hill shops.

For example, punters placing a bet via a terminal at a William Hill shop can tap their cards when they place their bet and the bet will automatically be added to the app, where it can be tracked.

A major benefit of using the William Hill Plus app is users who have placed bets at William Hill branches are able to cash in their bets early where the ‘Cash in’ option appears on their open bets on the app.

How to get William Hill Plus

To access the benefits of William Hill Plus you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a William Hill account online, if you don’t already have one (you’ll also qualify for a free bet if you’re a new user)
  2. Visit a William Hill betting shop and ask to register for a William Hill cash card
  3. Press the card against the contactless reader on a William Hill Plus betting terminal
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on the terminal.

Benefits of using William Hill Plus

William Hill Plus is designed for punters who place bets both online and at high street betting shops, who live in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Its benefits include:

Being able to use the card as a cash card at any William Hill branch to withdraw cash, place bets on betting terminals or transfer funds in or out of a William Hill online betting account.

  • Instant in-store access to cash generated by winning bets at William Hill.
  • The option to cash out open bets placed at William Hill betting shops.
  • Access to exclusive bonuses and offers for William Hill Plus card holders.
  • Live scores and in-game stats are available on the app.

William Hill Plus FAQ

What is the difference between William Hill Plus and William Hill Cash Direct?

William Hill Cash Direct is a service that forms a bridge between your online William Hill account and William Hill branches, allowing you to move funds between your online account and stores.

It also allows users to print out vouchers for winning bets at home, and redeem these for cash at a William Hill store within 3 months of printing. No card is available for this service.

As such William Hill Cash Direct is a more limited version of William Hill Plus, without many of the outstanding benefits offered by the card and William Hill Plus app.

Can I use a William Hill Plus card on a gaming machine?

Yes, William Hill Plus cards can be used to deposit funds onto any betting terminal located in a William Hill store.

How long does it take to get a William Hill Plus card?

Only as long as it takes you to get to a William Hill store and request a card from one of the William Hill personnel on duty.