Betway Account Closed or Suspended?

By Captain Thomsen on 08 Feb 2022

If you're a regular Betway user it can be a shock to find out that your account has been closed or suspended when you attempt to log in.

There are a number of reasons you can find yourself in this situation, ranging from a simple mistake made by Betway's account monitoring software to fraudulent activity on your account.

In this guide we'll look at some of the reasons your Betway account could be suspended or closed, as well as what you can do if you're unable to access your account.

Types of Betway account restrictions

If you violate Betway's terms and conditions you're going to get hit by one of two types of account restrictions, depending on how severe your violation was.

Breach of policies

If you breach Betway's policies your accunt may be suspended subject to remedying the breach. In this case Betway will inform you of your breach and you will be given 48 hours to remedy the breach. If you do not take corrective action within this time, Betway will terminate its relationship with you, including terminating all of your bets, and you may forfeit any money held in your account.


Alternatively Betway may terminate your account with immediate effect and without any reason given. In this case you will lose access to all betting services, but will be able to have any money held in your account refunded to you on demand.

Reasons for Betway account restrictions

Betway lays out the potential reasons it may restrict accounts in detail in its terms and conditions. This bookie also clarifies that it is obligated to monitor user accounts for unusual activity that is a signal of policy violations.

Here are the main reasons Betway gives that your account may be terminated.

  • Abusing bugs and glitches on the Betway website for unfair benefit.
  • Hacking or attacking Betway's online services in any way.
  • Using bots or AI to place bets.
  • Activity that suggests membership of betting syndicates, including arbitratage practitioners.
  • Attempt to circumvent legal restrictions, such as geographic restrictions using a VPN, or age restrictions using a false ID.
  • Engaging in criminal or fradulent activity using the website, such as money laundering.
  • Engaging in betting patterns that indicate foreknowledge of matches with fixed results.
  • Attempting to manipulate odds on an event and expoit this for gain.
  • Placing bets when restricted by law, sport governing bodies or employment contract.
  • You may have requested self-sexclusion or account termination at some point during your relationship with Betway.

This throws the net quite wide, and as a result it is also possible for Betway to mistakenly suspend or terminate your account.

How to get your Betway account back

Before attempting to get your Betway account back it is advisable to first read the 'General' section of their terms and conditions to find out whether you have violated a policy.

If you believe you are innocent after reading their T&Cs, then the next step is to approach Betway customer service to query and appeal your suspension.

Contact options will vary depending on where in the world you are, but you're going to best off chatting to their live chat support agents, who you can access on their contact page.

What to do if Betway will not reinstate your suspended account

If your appeal to get your Betway account back fails, you believe this is unfair AND you are located in the United Kingdom or Ireland, you can lodge a complaint with the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

However, unless you are struggling to recover funds from your account, the simplest and quickest option is to take your business elsewhere.

If you're in the UK or Ireland you're spoiled for choice when it comes to the large number of trusted bookies who offer comparable, if not better, betting services.

These include:

How to avoid having your betting account restricted in future

Avoiding restrictions on betting accounts is straightforward. Read the terms and conditions when you sign up for your account and make sure you don't violate their policies.

Bookies are themselves monitored by licensing organizations, and are required to follow gambling legislation, which includes monitoring user accounts for fraudulent or harmful activity.

Always avoid the following when using your bookie account:

  • Opening more than one account at the same bookie.
  • Supplying false or fraudulent information.
  • Exploiting any part of the bookie's services or offers in a fraudulent or cynical way.
  • Using other people's payment methods to fund your betting.
  • Practicing arbitrage or placing bets on behalf of betting syndicates.

Is it legal for Betway to suspend your account?

When you accepted Betway's terms and conditions you gave them the right to suspend or terminate your account for any reason without notice.

This means that Betway has strong legal protection if you decide to take on their lawyers and attempt to get access to your account back.

Betway account termination FAQ

Why is my Betway account closed?

If your Betway account has been closed this is a sign that you have violated their terms and conditions, resulting in your account being terminated.

How do I reopen a closed Betway account?

If you would like to reopen your Betway account, you will need to do this by visiting the contact page of their website and opening a live chat with customer support or giving them a call on their contact number.

Why is my Betway account suspended?

If your Betway account is suspended you have violated the terms and conditions governing their website and your relatioship. To find out the specific reason you've been suspended check your email for a notification that you are in breach of their T&Cs or contact customer support for more information.

Can you reopen a self excluded account?

You can only reopen a self excluded account at Betway once the cool-off period you selected has ended. Your account will not be reactivated under any circumstances during the cool off period.

Can you have two betway accounts?

No, having two Betway accounts is not permitted. In fact, you may have both accounts terminated or suspended once Betway realizes that these are duplicates.

Why is my cash out suspended?

A suspended cash out usually refers to betting on live markets, where cashouts are temporarily suspended when odds are updated. If you are unable to withdraw funds from your Betway account at all this is a different issue, and you will need to contact Betway customer support to find out why your access to withdrawals has been restricted.