Horse Racing

What is steeplechase horse racing?

Steeplechase horse racing is believed to have originated in Ireland in the 18th century. Huntsmen […]

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What is a furlong in horse racing?

The term furlong is used as a unit of distance in horse racing in […]

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Top 10 undefeated racehorses in history

We’ve covered our pick of the greatest racehorses in history – horses with such […]

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The best British racehorses of all time

It’s a contentious topic amongst racing enthusiasts. Which British horses rank among the true […]

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Top 5 Horse Racing Slots Games

Horse racing slots games can’t beat the real thing, or the betting opportunities real […]

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Top 10 Most Famous New Zealand Racehorses

While New Zealand’s thoroughbred racing scene is dwarfed by the scene in neighbouring Australia, […]

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Aldaniti and Bob Champion: Grand National Legends

During his early years Aldaniti never showed any sign of developing into one of […]

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George Ede-Edwards: Grand National Legend

George Ede-Edwards was one the most notable jockeys in the history of the Grand […]

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Top 10 famous Irish racehorses

It could be argued that few countries have a love of horseracing that could […]

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The most famous racehorses in history

It has been over three hundred years since thoroughbred horses were introduced to the […]

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Mick Fitzgerald – A Cheltenham Festival Legend

Since racing his first winner, Lover’s Secret, at Ludlow in December 1988 at the […]

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The Five Most Important Horse Races on the Planet

Every country in the world has a major horse race that it punts as […]

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