Melbourne Cup

The greatest Melbourne Cup Jockeys of all Time

The Melbourne Cup is a high stakes race for jockeys in more ways then […]

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The Greatest Melbourne Cup Trainers of all Time

Winning the Melbourne Cup is one of the most impressive feats a racehorse trainer […]

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7 More Things You Didn’t Know About The Melbourne Cup

Think you know everything there is to know about the Melbourne Cup? Here are […]

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Glossary of Australian racing terms

The influx of foreign horses into the Melbourne Cup has seen a proportional rise […]

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What are Australia’s richest races?

Thoroughbred racing is big business in Australia, with over a hundred million dollars in […]

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The Biggest Melbourne Cup Flops

Technically speaking flops in the Melbourne Cup are not an unusual event. In a […]

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The Strangest Melbourne Cup Customs

The Melbourne Cup is an unusual race in more way than one. You probably […]

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The Melbourne Cup by Numbers

Presenting your favourite race, in numbers: 6200000 – the Melbourne Cup prize fund, in AU$ […]

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What Does History Tell Us About The Average Melbourne Cup Winner?

Over the last century or so Melbourne Cup winners have come in all shapes […]

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The Melbourne Cup winner’s coat colour (and why it doesn’t matter)

There are only a handful of horse races in the world that capture the […]

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The Best of The Best: Australia’s Greatest Racehorses

Australia boasts one of the strongest and most vibrant racing cultures in the world, […]

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is such a big part of Australian sporting culture that almost […]

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