Coral Account Suspended, Restricted or Closed?

By Captain Thomsen on 22 Jun 2022

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Have you received an email from Coral informing you that your account has been suspended or closed?

While this can be a real shock it is usually the result of your account engaging in activity harms Coral's bottom line or violates the terms of service you agreed to when you signed up.

In this article we'll help you identify the types of account restrictions you can encounter at Coral, the reasons why your account has been restricted and what to do next to get your account back. 

Types of Coral account restrictions

Coral has three categories of account restrictions that it can use on problematic accounts. These include:

Frozen accounts

Your account will be frozen in the event that Coral has flagged it for some reason and needs to conduct an investigation into your activities. If your account is frozen, you will be unable to use the Coral betting service until the investigation is concluded in your favour.

Account closures

Your account will be closed permanently if Coral determines that you have violated its terms of service, or any local laws or regulations related to sports betting.

Betting restrictions

If your account has betting restrictions in place you will be able to log in and place bets, but will have limits placed on your betting activities, such as loss of access to betting specials or promotions.

Reasons for Coral account restrictions and closures

While you will usually be notified of account closure or restrictions by email, Coral will not always provide a reason for restrictions. 

Betting restrictions

Betting restrictions will usually come into play if Coral determines that you are abusing its promotional offers in some way. There are also reports online that Coral will restrict accounts that it considers to be too profitable.

Frozen accounts

Accounts will usually be frozen if Coral's software has flagged your account for violating its terms of service and needs to conduct an investigation. These violations can include:

  • engaging in suspicious betting patterns, suggestive of involvement in match fixing
  • abusing promotions or special offers
  • engaging in arbitrage
  • using suspect payment methods when funding your account
  • underage betting
  • using false personal information on your account
  • operating multiple accounts
  • committing fraud or money laundering.

Closed accounts

If your account is permanently closed, this may be because Coral determined that you were guilty of violating its terms of service following investigation. Alternatively, you may have closed your account voluntarily in the past.

How to get your Coral account back if you did nothing wrong

If your Coral account has been restricted you can contact customer support to get more information and to request a review of your account status.

What to do if Coral will not lift restrictions on your account or reactivate it

If you have violated Coral's terms of service, it is unlikely that your account will be reinstated.

If you believe you have been unfairly treated by Coral you can contact IBAS, the UK's independent betting adjudication service, to arbitrate on your dispute.

Alternatively you can log a complaint with the UK Gambling Commission, which regulates Coral's activities in the United Kingdom.

In most cases it will be simpler and easier to open an account at another major bookmaker. These include popular UK bookies like:

How to avoid having your betting account restricted in future

To avoid having your betting account restricted in future:

  • read your bookmaker's terms of service and do not engage in activities that will get your account flagged
  • avoid engaging in unofficially sanctioned activities like arbitrage and bet matching
  • do not break the law when using your bookie
  • and if you're generally successful in sports betting, spread your bets between different bookies to keep a low profile and your winnings under the radar.

Can Coral legally suspend your account?

Yes, when you sign up for a Coral account your explicitly agree to this bookmaker's policies for account closures.

Coral account restriction and closure FAQ

Does Coral close winning accounts?

There are numerous reports on betting forums made by Coral users who claimed their accounts were closed for winning. In some cases, these accounts may in fact have been closed for other reasons, such as engaging in betting patterns that Coral considers suspicious.

How do I unblock my Coral account?

To unfreeze your Coral account, you will need to contact Coral and ask them why your account has been frozen and whether or not you can get it back.

Why would Coral close my account?

There are a number of reasons why Coral would close your account. These include violating the company's terms of service or, according to some users, winning too much or too often at Coral.

Can I reopen my Coral account?

Whether or not you can reopen a Coral account will depend on why it was closed in the first place. You will need to contact Coral's customer support to get this information and assistance in re-opening your account.