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July 12, 2023

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Rebel Betting is one of the oldest and best-known names in sports investment software, providing tools that assist users in pursuing winning value betting and arbitrage (sure betting) strategies.

While Rebel Betting is not on the only software provider in the sports investment market, it is one of the most trusted, boasting a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 based on 86 user reviews.

In this Rebel Betting software review we’ll explain what Rebel Betting offers, how it works and provide insights into some of the pros and cons of using this software.

Who are Rebel Betting?

Rebel Betting is the product of a software development team based in Sweden called Clarobet AB. It was launched in 2006 to service a gap in the market for automated arbitrage software solutions.

Over the years Rebel Betting has expanded its bookmaker coverage and now provides live updates on the odds of over 90 bookmakers around the world, including most of the big-name UK bookies.

As bookmakers have become better at identifying arbitrage, Rebel Betting has branched out its services to include value betting software, which provides larger profits and is harder for bookmakers to identify.

Rebel Betting’s strong reputation is based on two factors, it’s transparency and pricing. The company does not oversell how much users can make off its software, and also offers reasonable pricing on its services.

Rebel Betting for Arbitrage (Sure Betting)

Rebel Betting was originally set up to give punters the ability to quickly and easily identify arbitrage opportunities.

If you’ve never heard of arbitrage, this is a betting strategy that removes any risk from sports betting by placing multiple bets on a single event at odds that guarantee you’ll either get your stake back or profit.

While you can identify and place arbitrage bets without using specialized software, fast reaction time is required to identify arbitrage opportunities, calculate the correct stakes and place your bets.

Rebel Betting simplifies this as much as possible by highlighting arbitrage betting opportunities instantly across dozens of bookies and helping you to calculate appropriate stakes.

You can also filter which bookies you want Rebel Betting to scan to customize your results to match your bookmaker portfolio.

Rebel Betting for Value Betting 

Rebel Betting’s value betting software is designed to do the heavy lifting required to identify the large number of daily value bets required to make a success of this strategy.

This includes not only identifying value bets across dozens of popular bookies, but also assisting in calculating appropriate stakes and keeping track of results and profits from value betting.

This has opened up value betting to a vast new audience of punters who don’t have the sporting knowledge and/or the mathematical skills to identify value bets and maximise returns from these bets.

However, even seasoned value bettors will benefit from the user-friendly interface and the time Rebel Betting will save them from scanning odds comparison services for value bet opportunities.

Rebel betting usability and user interface

Sports investment software users are generally looking for a plug and play service that will not only do the heavy lifting when it comes to identifying great betting opportunities, but also doesn’t come with a steep learning curve.

Rebel Betting more than delivers in this department. Arbitrage and value betting are separated into two discrete services with separate user interfaces – and require separate subscriptions.

How to use Rebel betting

To get started with Rebel Betting you will need to visit the Rebel Betting website, register for a new account (this only requires an email address), and confirm your email address.

Once logged in, you’ll find an uncluttered, easy to use interface. Using the browser-based value betting software as an example, you’ll see that user interfaces just don’t come simpler than this.

Rebelbetting Interface for logged in users.

Placing value bets is as easy as clicking on a value bet opportunity from the list, adjusting your stake if you would like to, clicking Bet to open the bet at the bookie in question and/or Log to record and track your bet on the Rebel Betting system.

Placing a value bet on Rebel Betting

To make things even easier, Rebel Betting will take you through a quick tutorial covering these steps the first time you sign into your account, so you’ll learn the ropes in no time at all.

About the only thing you need to keep in mind when value betting is to set your bankroll/staking preferences on Options page before you jump into placing value bets. Even here, Rebel Betting provides additional help documentation if you want to dig deeper into the options available on the platform.

One of the best things about Rebel Betting is the way it allows you to accurately track your results, so that you don’t lose perspective when placing bets across multiple bookie accounts.

You can filter your account data to track your overall profit, average ROI, median ROI and ROI per bet at the tap of button, and filter it by the week, month, quarter, year or account lifetime.

Rebel Betting return on investment graph

Results page sample, using cumulative data from all Rebel Betting users.

And if for any reason you need help with your account, you can access live support at the click of a button from the menu on your account.

How much can you earn with Rebel Betting?

A number of factors will influence how much you earn from arbitrage or value betting at Rebel Betting.

These include:

  • The size of your bankroll and stakes.
  • Your staking method used for value betting.
  • How many bets you place every day and how often you turn over your bankroll.
  • How many bookmaker accounts you have access to.
  • Any account restrictions applied by bookmakers if your account is flagged for arbitrage or being too profitable.

According to Rebel Betting’s reports on user performance, the average ROI for value betting on the platform is 3.07% per Euro staked while top members earn over €2000 per month.

This calculator can help you get a rough idea of how much you could potentially earn based on your own betting habits:Initial investment in £Number of value bets placed per dayBetting days per monthTotal profit per month

Our calculator is based directly off of the calculator found on the Rebel Betting website. It assumes a per bet size of 1% of the initial investment, 3% profit per bet and the ability to place 80 bets per hour.

How good is Rebel Betting?

So how good is Rebel Betting, in summary? The answer is pretty excellent, although it may not be easy to determine this during the free trial period.

Rebel betting advantages

The super Rebel Betting user interface and powerful software make advanced betting strategies like arbitrage and value betting instantly accessible to anyone who wants to explore them.

You can also try Rebel Betting out on a 14-day free trial, test out the system by logging real bets without placing them, and see whether or not it delivers the kind of real-world results you are looking for.

That means you’ll have the ability to see real results based on real odds before risking a cent of your money.

Rebel Betting also covers a huge number of bookmakers, with over 90 different bookie options available at present, giving you access to a massive pool of value bet and arbitrage opportunities.

Rebel betting disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to using Rebel Betting, which mostly impact the free trial period.

For a start two weeks is a relatively short period in which to try to assess the profitability of value betting or arbitrage. 

This is particularly true when Rebel Betting limits the number of eligible bets on offer for trial users, making it difficult to generate the number of bets required for successful value betting in particular.

Limitations are also set on the expected value of the bets you can access for value betting, which means you won’t be able to gauge the full impact of this strategy until you register and account.

However, even with limits on what you can do during your trial period you’ll get a solid idea of Rebel Betting’s functionality and earning potential.

Rebel Betting vs alternatives 

So, how does Rebel Betting stack up against its competitors?

For a start Rebel Betting’s UX and ease-of-use are going to be tough to beat, irrespective of what competitors are offering.

On the arbitrage front Surebet is the main competitor to Rebel Betting and while it isn’t quite as refined does come with a lower monthly subscription fee.

Meanwhile, OddsJam stands on even footing with Rebel Betting. Like Rebel Betting, OddsJam offers both value betting and arbitrage. It also carries a similar price tag – but is only available in the US market.

One company that does have an edge over Rebel Betting in one department is Bet Burger.

While Bet Burger’s overall offering doesn’t match what Rebel Betting puts on the table, it does offer in-play value bets. This can boost your ability to turn over your bankroll rapidly and secure higher expected values on your value bets.

Rebel Betting list of bookies

Rebel Betting covers odds from over 100 bookmakers. These include:

3etEverygame (Intertops)
Danske SpilTitanbet
EtotoWilliam Hill
FanduelWilliam Hill Sweden
Fun88UKWilliam Hill United States

Rebel Betting Forum

Rebel Betting provides its users with a value add in the form of a community forum. This allows users to view company announcements, cover general topics of interest to the community and share their results.

Once registered you can access the Rebel Betting forum here.

Rebel Betting Resources

Rebel Betting makes the following resources available to its users.

Rebel Betting free trial

Rebel Betting makes it quick and easy to try out value betting or arbitrage with a 14-day free trial. All you need to do is visit the website, select which service you want and provide your email address.

You’ll then receive a confirmation mail which you’ll need to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you’ll have access to the Rebel Betting software where you can test all of Rebel Betting’s tools and features.

Visit Rebel Betting now to sign up for a free trial

Rebel Betting FAQ

Is Rebel betting legit?

Yes, Rebel Betting is 100% legitimate and its software does what it says on the box. The company has been in business for over a decade and has an exceptional 4.6 rating on Trustpilot.

Is Rebel betting a scam?

No, Rebel Betting is not a scam. The company has been in operation since 2006 and has a large user base and dozens of very positive reviews on 4.6 rating on Trustpilot.

Is arbitrage betting worth it?

Arbitrage betting can be very profitable and entirely risk free, if you don’t get caught by your bookmaker. Unfortunately, bookies are making it harder and harder to practice arbitrage as their AI improves and they collaborate with each other to identify arbers.

Is value betting worth it?

Value betting can generate a profit from sports betting over the long term. However, in order to be worth it you’ll need to have a reasonable bankroll, the time to place hundreds of bets a day and value betting software that will help you rapidly identify value betting opportunities.

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