Unibet Account Blocked, Closed or Limited?

By Captain Thomsen on 09 Feb 2023


It can be a sickening feeling to try log into your Unibet account and discover that your account has been restricted, or even worse suspended completely.

A Unibet account restriction can happen for a number of reasons and will be related to this bookie's attempts to prevent misuse of its platform or protect its bottom line.

In most cases your account will have been flagged automatically by Unibet's compliance software and Unibet will have its compliance staff check the account for issues.

This guide will explain to you why Unibet may have restricted or suspended your account, as well as what steps you can take to attempt to recover full access to your account.

Type of Unibet account restrictions

There are two basic types of account restrictions you may encounter as a Bwin user.

  1. Account suspension: If Unibet determines that you have violated their terms and conditions or otherwise jeopardised their operations your account may be permamently suspended, and you will be unable to access your accounts and any funds in the account.

  2. Account restriction: A restriction on your Unibet account will limit access to certain account featurs and may impose limits on bet amounts and winnings, as well as deposits or withdrawals.

Reasons for Bwin account suspensions and restrictions

Your Unibet account will typically be suspended or restricted for a violation of this bookie's terms and conditions.

Violating terms and conditions

The most common causes of a Unibet account restriction or suspension include:

  1. Suspected fraud or illegal activity
  2. Multiple account usage or bonus abuse
  3. Self-exclusion for problem gambling
  4. Failure to complete account verification process
  5. Breach of responsible gambling policies
  6. Suspicious betting patterns or activity. 

Winning money

Unibet, like many bookies, is not above the practice of 'gubbing' or restricting the activity of winning accounts to limit its losses and boost profitability.

In some cases this will involve rapidly identifying punters who are engaging in betting strategies that can generate long term profits like arbitrage and value betting.

Bookies are highly incentivized to automatically identify betting patterns associated with both arbitrage and value betting to prevent these strategies from impacting their bottom line.

Self exclusion

Uf you can't access your Unibet account it may be because you self-excluded from the platform at some point. In this case you'll only be able to access your account once the exclusion period is over. You can contact Unibet customer support to find out whether you are self-excluded and, if so, when the exclusion period ends.

Inactive account

Any account that has no record of a login for 12 consecutive months is considered an inactive account. A monthly administration fee is charged against the balance of inactive accounts. Once this balance has reached zero, and the account has recorded no activity for 30 consecutive months and Unibet is unable to locate or contact the account holder, the account may be deactivated.

How to get your Unibet account back

The process for restoring a suspended Unibet account can vary depending on the reason for suspension and the policies in place. 

You can attempt to recover your account using the following steps:

  1. Email: You can send an email to Unibet's support team at info@unibetsupport.com

  2. Phone: You can call Unibet's UK support number on +44 203 725 3792

  3. Live chat: A live chat service is available directly on the Unibet website.

  4. If Unibet sent you an email about your account suspension or restriction you can reply to this email directly.

What to do if Unibet won't lift your account suspension or restrictions

If Unibet won't lift your account restrictions, you're left with two options.

  1. You can take up the issue with the Independent Betting Adjudication Service in the UK (IBAS), who may be able to intervene on your behalf. You can also report the issue to Malta Gaming Authority, Unibet's regulator. Note that reporting to the regulator will not result in an intervention in your specific case, and it is therefore better to approach IBAS. 
  2. You can leave Unibet behind and open a new account at another major online bookmaker with better features and incentives, this would include the likes of:

How to avoid having your betting account restricted in future

To avoid having your Unibet account suspended or restricted in future, you should refrain from the following:

  • Fraud or illegal activity
  • Multiple account usage or bonus abuse
  • Failing to complete the account verification process
  • Breaching responsible gambling policies, particularly underage gambling
  • Betting from a country where an operator or online betting is restricted
  • Engaging in suspicous betting activities or patterns.


Unibet suspended account FAQs

Does Unibet limit winning accounts?

There are unofficial user reports that Unibet limits the activity of users who win on a consistent basis.

Can you reopen a closed Unibet account?

You can only re-access a closed Unibet account if you opted into self-exclusion. In other cases account you can attempt to have your suspension reviewed, with the suspension considered permanent if your account fails the review.