Where in the world is horse racing still happening

By Captain Thomsen on 21 May 2020

Covid 19 pandemic world horse racing map that shows where horse racing is still taking place

(Updated 21/05/2020)

European horseracing has been impacted by the lockdowns imposed by national governments in the region. Several other major racing hubs, like South Africa, have also been affected.

However, a number of major racing markets continue to host daily racing behind closed doors.

In addition, the situation in Europe is fluid, with a number of countries planning to re-introduce racing behind closed doors in the near future.

We’ll be updating this article weekly, so you can keep track of activity levels in major racing markets.

Where racing is happening

Horseracing continues, albeit under special conditions, in the following countries.


Horseracing continues in Australia. The sport in the country is controlled at state level, so the level of activity will be dependent on agreements made between racing groups and state governments.

At the moment Australia’s two biggest racing states, Victoria and New South Wales, continue to host racing, with some restrictions on racehorse travel.

This means a number of prestigious meetings and pattern races are going ahead as planned. Racing also continues in other states, with the exception of Tasmania.

United States

A number of major racetracks in the United States remain open, with racing taking place behind closed doors.

While racing has been suspended in California, it continues at other major racing centres including Gulfstream and Tampa Bay in Florida.

This is good news for racing fans in the UK and Europe, as these courses provide a steady stream of live evening racing action.


Japan’s racing community continues to host racing behind closed doors. However, the situation in the country is very fluid at the moment and local governors may suspend the sport at short notice.

Hong Kong

Racing continues in Hong Kong, with scheduled events taking place at the island’s two best known racecourses, Sha Tin and Happy Valley.

The situation is relatively stable, and Hong Kong racing offers some good opportunities to see world class racehorses in action in top class races.


French horse racing resumed on Monday the 12th of May. 


Racing in Germany resumed on Thursday 7th May at Hanover. This followed a general loosening of lockdown restrictions which also saw the Bundesliga scheduled for a return to action.

Where racing may resume in the near future

The following countries have temporarily suspended racing, but are relaxing lockdown regulations and are in negotiations with racing administrators to re-start racing behind closed doors in the near future.

United Kingdom

British racing is currently suspended but is scheduled to return on June 1st, with dates scheduled for all of the Classics.


Irish racing is scheduled to restart on June 8th at Naas racecourse.

Countries where racing has been suspended until further notice

All racing activity has been suspended in the following countries. However, the situation may change rapidly in any of these countries as racing authorities negotiate with government officials for resumption of the sport.

Countries where racing has been suspended indefinitely include:

  • Italy
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates.