bet365 Account Restricted or Suspended?

Whether you've just signed into your account after a long break or you're a regular bet365 user, it can be shocking to log into your account and discover that your bet365 account has been restricted.

Before you panic, note that bet365's restrictions are not personal. They are usually the result of an algorithm that monitors accounts for problematic activity, and this algorithm can make mistakes.

In this article we'll explore why bet365 restricts accounts and what you can do to get your account back.

Types of bet365 account restrictions

There are a number of reasons why bet365 can suspend a user's account. In each case the user will have done something that violated bet365's terms of service. 

Account closure

Account closure is the worst case scenario when it comes to bet365 restrictions. You will usually be informed of this if you log into your account and receive a restriction notice. In some cases you may not be able to log into your account at all.

Stakes restrictions

Stakes restrictions usually affect accounts that spend larges sums of money, for example thousands of pounds per bet. Users who bet large amounts can find that they are restricted to much smaller stakes. This can be done for a number of reasons, from preventing money laundering to enforcing responsible gambling.

Winnings restrictions

Restrictions on winnings can hit harder than stakes restrictions. In this case the amount of money that can we won on any bet is capped. This not only reduces how much you can win, but also gives the bookie the edge in all qualifying bets as your risk on each bet remains the same while you earn less from any win.

Market limitations

One of the stranger restrictions to run into is the one that restricts your activity to a smaller number of betting markets. This may done specifically to remove access to markets that you typically bet on.

Voluntary account restrictions

If you have requested a Time-Out from bet365 then you will not be able to access your account for the time period you selected. You will also be restricted if you opted into GamStop's 3rd party service at some point in the past.

Reasons for bet365 account restrictions

A bet365 account restriction will often be unexpected and may seem unfair. However, bet365 automatically monitors user behaviour and picks up signals that indicate a user is breaking its terms of service or otherwise engaging in behaviour that could damage the company or its operations. 

The reality is few punters will read through bet365's terms of service before wagering, and that you are likely to have done something to violate these terms.

Using multiple accounts

bet365's policy on multiple accounts is clear and consistent with other major bookmakers. Each user is only able to operate one betting account with the bookmaker. This not only makes user administration easier, but also prevents users from attempting  circumvent bet365's terms of service by repeatedly profiting from bonus and promotional offers or work around restrictions on their primary account.

As a result bet365 has systems in place to detect users who are operating multiple accounts. This ranges from being able to match shared personal information between accounts to identifying IP addresses operating multiple accounts.

Betting excessive amounts

Betting excessive amounts of money will immediately get your account flagged by bet365. This is partly because bet365 is answerable to the UK Gambling Commission which holds bookies responsible for identifying and stopping any attempts at money laundering or other fraudulent activity on their platforms.


All bookmakers crack down on arbitrage, which attempts to game odds differences between bookies to lock in profits for professional arbitrage practitioners. In fact bookmakers collaborate to identify arbitrage and can pinpoint users who open multiple bookie accounts by identifying unusual behaviour associated with arbitrage.

bet365 also has the ability to identify arbitrage by flagging users who bet unusual amounts. For example, while regular punters will often bet whole numbers like £10, an arber will consistently bet unusual figures like £14.42 or £156.57 as they attempt to maximise their profits across their various bets on a selection.

Winning too much

Probably the most controversial reason for an account to run into restrictions is winning too much or too often. Professional gamblers who consistently win are simply bad for bookmakers' business.

As a result bookies are known to restrict the amounts these accounts can win or stake in order to reduce their impact on the company's bottom line. Punters who then attempt to work around these restrictions to continue their betting are likely to find their new account restricted in short order.

How to get your suspended bet365 account back

Irrespective of the reason bet365 restricted your account, there is only one way to get access back. That is to contact bet365 support and find out whether you violated one of their policies or your account was mistakenly restricted.

Customer Service Email (English):

Customer Service Chat: Click Here

While bet365 support may be able to assist you in finding out why your account was restricted, they are unlikely to re-instate the account if you violated their terms of service. They also have no obligation to remove any of the restrictions on your account.

What to do if bet365 will not reinstate your suspended account

If bet365 refuse to remove restrictions from your account the best option is to move on. Fortunately, there are dozens of reputable established bookmakers to choose from that offer a number of the great features you have become accustomed to at bet365, including live streaming, promotions and specials and a wide selection of sports betting markets.

The best alternatives for bet365 include:

How to avoid having your betting account restricted in future

To avoid your betting account being restricted in future your best option is to familiarize yourself with your bookmakers terms of service. These will be available on your bookmaker's website.

At the least, avoid engaging in suspicious activity, including:

  • arbitrage
  • gambling large sums of money
  • using false personal information to create an account
  • duplicating an existing bet365 account
  • using a family member to set up an account on your behalf
  • taking part in any attempts to exploit bet365's systems of promotions and specials
  • focusing all your betting activity on one bookie, particularly if you are developing into a professional punter and consistently win large sums of money.

Is it even legal for bet365 to restrict your account?

bet365 has no legal obligation to remove restrictions from an account or reinstate suspended accounts. That is because bet365 is a private company and you are effectively bound by their rules and the rules of the UK Gambling Commission. If your activity on the platform triggers concern they are entitled to suspend or restrict your account in any way they see fit, provided that their own behaviour adheres to the the conduct requirements of the UK Gambling Commission.

bet365 suspended account FAQ

Why does my bet365 account have restrictions

Your bet365 account has restrictions because it has been flagged for violating one of the company's policies or terms of service. The specific restriction you face will be determined by the activity that resulted in the restriction. For example a suspended account could be due to abuse of bet365's promotional offers.

How long do bet365 restrictions last?

Unless you voluntarily restricted your account using bet365's Time-Out system, you will need to appeal your restriction by contacting bet365 support. If they deny your appeal, the restriction is likely to be permanent.

Why has my bet365 account been closed

Your bet365 account has been closed because it was suspected of a serious violation of bet365's terms of service. Review the terms of service to ensure that your behaviour was compliant, and if you believe there was an error you can contact bet365 support and attempt to have your account access reinstated.

Can you reopen a bet365 account

If you have previously closed a bet365 account you will typically be required to open a new account if you wish to use the bookmaker again. That is because your personal information is deleted when you close your bet365 account. If your bet365 account was closed due to violation of terms of service, attempts to open a new account are likely to be identified and blocked.

Can I delete my bet365 account and make a new one

Yes, you can delete your bet365 account and open a new one. However, you will need to contact bet365 support for assistance in getting your new account set up. 

How to remove restrictions on bet365

The only way to remove restrictions on a suspended account at bet365 is to contact customer support and appeal the restrictions on your account. However, bet365 has no obligation to remove restrictions.

Does bet365 close winning accounts

While there are anecdotal reports available online that bet365 closes winning accounts, the company does not have a specific policy to restrict winning accounts. It is possible that individuals claiming their winning accounts were shut down were indulging in other activities that violated bet365's terms of service, like arbitrage.

What does suspended mean on bet365

'Suspended' means the same thing on bet365 that it does everywhere else. Whether your account has been suspended or a bet has been suspended you will be unable to engage in the suspended activity, whether that is using your account or placing the bet in question.