bet365 live streaming

Many online bookmakers now offer their customers live streaming of specific sports events, but few can compete with bet365, which provides live streaming of a massive number of sports events – 50,000 per year, according to its site.

The best bookmaker for live sports streaming

With bet365, you can watch all significant events, and then some, in a wide range of sports. Among others, these include horse and greyhound racing, soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, darts, ice hockey, badminton and snooker.

bet365 also stands out from the competition because of the high quality of its visual and audio content, and because it provides several options for customising the way you view and monitor in-play sports events.

What you need to watch live sports

bet365’s live streaming service is free. However, you need a bet365 account to use it. Either the account must have some funds in it or you must have placed a bet with bet365 within the last 24 hours.

Open a bet365 account now.

System requirements for bet365 live streaming

To support bet365 live sports streaming, a system requires:

  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7 or Mac OSX
  • Internet Explorer 6 or above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera, with JavaScript enabled
  • an internet connection with a speed of 512 kbp/s or higher
  • Adobe Flash version 9.0.115 or later.

To check whether Flash is installed on your machine and if so, which version, you can simply navigate to Adobe’s Flash Help page and click the Check Now button. If you don’t have Flash or your version is an old one, you can click the Adobe Flash Player download link to download the latest version for free.

An important caveat

Bookmakers have to buy the rights to broadcast specific sports events, and typically these rights are owned at a country level. The result is that like other bookmakers, bet365 isn’t allowed to stream certain events to all countries. For example, bet365 doesn’t have broadcasting rights for domestic football matches in the UK, so it doesn’t offer live video feeds for these matches to UK customers. The bet365 site automatically uses your IP address to work out which country you’re in.

How to view in-play sports events

Once you’ve logged in using your bet365 account details, you can access live streaming of an event by selecting Live Streaming and then selecting Live Sport, Live Horse Racing or Live Greyhounds. If you choose the Live Sport option, a Schedule tab lists all events due to be broadcast live for the current date. You can use the two drop-down list boxes to filter the schedule so that it lists events only for a particular sport and for a date you choose.You can also use the FAQs tab, which provides helpful information for if you experience any technical problems with live streaming.

Streaming of each match begins two minutes before the match's scheduled start time.

bet365’s Match Live service

To complement its live streaming of sports events, bet365 provides a Match Live service. Match Live displays graphics and alerts as a match unfolds, enabling you to track key moments. It’s currently available for soccer, basketball, handball, rugby league, rugby union, tennis and darts.

For a soccer match, for example, the Match Live console will track goal kicks, corners, free kicks and throw-ins, as well as showing you which team has possession of the ball and where the players are on the pitch. The graphics and text update automatically as play proceeds.

The console also provides a Statistics option, which you can use to access details of what has already occurred in a match – for instance, the number of shots on and off target.

You can easily toggle between live streaming of an event and the Match Live console, using anoption that displays in the player.

In-play Multi View feature

bet365’s new Multi View service lets you view or track multiple in-play events at the same time, on a single page.

To use the service, you navigate to the In-Play section of bet365’s site, click Add Events , choose the sport(s) you’re interested in and then choose the events you want to monitor. You can choose to include up to 12 events.

For each event you’ve chosen, you can switch between live streaming and the Match Live console. You can also customise the layout of the page, changing the number of columns it includes and the size of the window for each event.

bet365 mobile live streaming

You can watch bet365 live streamed sports, including soccer, tennis, basketball, snooker, darts, cricket and squash, on an iPhone, iPad or Android device. To support streaming with acceptable picture quality, you’ll need a good 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

You can also use a mobile device to watch any horse race shown live on At The Races or Racing UK, provided you place a qualifying bet to the value of at least $1 (about 60 pence, depending on the current exchange rate) on that race. Once you’ve placed a bet, you can simply click the Watch icon on the betting slip to watch the race live.