Can you have multiple bet365 accounts?

'Can you have more than one account at bet365?' is a common question amongst punters who are tempted to repeatedly cash in bet365's excellent bet credits sign up bonus or are unable to log into their original bet365 accounts for some reason.

In this article we look at how bet365 handles multiple accounts created by one user and ways in which you can enjoy the benefits of having multiple betting accounts without resorting to tricks like using a VPN or violating terms of service at any one bookmaker.

Are you allowed to have two bet365 accounts?

In short, no. every user is limited to one account at bet365.

In paragraph 1.6 of the bet365 terms and conditions bet365 states:

Customers may open only one account. Should we identify any customer with more than one account we reserve the right to treat any such accounts as one joint account.

While having your two accounts treated as one joint account may not sound very serious, it is important to note that according to bet365's Suspension or Closure policies, using multiple accounts to generate repeated joining bonuses is likely to qualify as using the website in a fraudulent manner and/or cheating and taking unfair advantage of bet365.

If you dig through the terms and conditions you will also find some ominous text warning that you will be liable for any damages, claims, losses and costs incurred by bet365 if they decide to act on your violations of their terms of service.

How to open multiple bet365 accounts?

Multi accounting at bet365 is not recommended. People who try to get around the red tape usually try a few different ticks to open a second account.

Some of these involve:

  • using a VPN while signing up for their account to avoid displaying the same IP address as they use on their primary account
  • using a different address for their registration details
  • avoiding using the same bank account as they use on their primary account
  • logging in to one account at a time to avoid bet365 detecting that they are logged into numerous accounts at the same time
  • using the profile of a family member, or setting up an account for a family member, to use as a bet365 account.

bet365 is well aware that all of these workarounds exist and has numerous mechanisms in place to identify if the same person is using multiple accounts.

These include: the ability to identify VPN IP addresses as well as accounts running off the same IP address, recognizing when accounts have the same address during registration, identifying when a user is logged into two accounts simultaneously, as well as pick up patterns of accounts that deposit only to cash in their free bets and do not place multiple bets, resulting in multiple dormant accounts.

Best bookmakers to open new accounts with instead

There's a very simple way to access all the benefits you'd enjoy from having multiple accounts at bet365 without any risk to your account balance at bet365.

And that is to run a single account at bet365 and open accounts at other major bookmakers. For every betting account you open you will become eligible to redeem free bet offers on each site.

This means extra cash if you practice matched betting, as well as no need to use a VPN to create a different IP address, and with the huge number of bookies out there you will feel like you aren't limited in the number of accounts you operate in any way.

There are several major, trusted UK bookmakers when you can set up a new account, deposit and cash in on free bets with nothing to lose. These include: