Paddy Power Account Suspended?

Paddy Power cultivates an 'anything goes' image with their controversial advertising and cheeky approach to sports betting.

However, punters can still find themselves out in the cold if they get on the wrong side of Paddy Power's terms of service.

If you've attempted to log into your Paddy Power account only to find that it has been suspended then this article will help you understand why this bookie suspends accounts and what you can do about it.

Types of Paddy Power account restrictions

Paddy Power is less likely than other major bookies to impose restrictions on an account without suspending it completely. This means you're unlikely to run into maximum stakes restrictions, win restrictions or other methods of throttling your activities.

Account closure

When Paddy Power does take action against an account it is usually by shutting down the account entirely and restricting your access to your user interface.

Voluntary account restrictions

If you opt into Paddy Power's Take A Break program you will be excluded from using your account to place bets for the break period you selected. Once the break period expires you'll be able to continue using the website as usual.

Reasons for Paddy Power account restrictions

Paddy Power account restrictions are typically based on problems with user verification or account signals which indicate that this bookie's terms of service are being violated.

These signals are picked up by AI algorithms that monitor user activity.

While it is possible for mistakes to be made, it is more likely that you have violated Paddy Power's terms of service in one of the following ways.

Using multiple accounts

Paddy Power specifically prohibits users from operating multiple accounts. Whether multiple accounts are created to enable abuse of promotional and sign up offers or evade restrictions to an existing Paddy Power account, Paddy Power has systems in place to identify these accounts using a variety of data points and shut them down.


Arbitrage is a betting strategy that punters use to game odds across multiple bookies to guarantee a profit. Bookmakers generally frown on this activity, and because it damages the bottom lines of all bookmakers involved activity collaborate to identify 'arbers'.

Arbitrage accounts are fairly easy to identify for this reason.

Bookmakers can look for unusual betting patterns, like betting unusual amounts (think #22.35 compared to a #20 stake) and then check in with other bookies to see if you're engaging in the same sorts of behaviour on their platforms across the same events and betting markets.

Once you're caught, you're out.

Incorrect personal details

Your Paddy Power account can be temporarily or permanently suspended if you supply incorrect personal details. This can occur even after you have passed through the verification process if Paddy Power later discovers that some of your personal information is incorrect or fraudulent. Outdated billing address details can also result in account suspension.

Using someone else's payment methods

Paddy Power forbids the use of payment methods that do not belong to the account holder. This includes using the credit card of a parent or spouse, or depositing funds using a friend's PayPal account. Attempting to use someone else's payment methods to fund your Paddy Power account will lead to bets placed using these funds being voided, and can lead to account suspension.

Underage betting

If you are suspected of betting on the Paddy Power website while underage you can expect your account to be suspended immediately.

How to get your suspended Paddy Power account back

There's only one route to redemption if you Paddy Power account is suspended, and that is through Paddy Power's customer service. 

You will need to contact customer service, plead your case and then await feedback on your appeal. This can be done using the live chat service on the Paddy Power website, which you can find here.

Note that contacting Paddy Power support does not guarantee that your account will be reinstated. In their terms and conditions Paddy Power reserve the right to suspend accounts at any time for any reason.

What to do if Paddy Power will not reinstate your suspended account

If you are unhappy with your account suspension at Paddy Power you can lodge an appeal with the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). This organization was set up to settle disputes between bookies and customers in the UK. 

However, there is still no guarantee you will get your account back.

With this in mind, it is better to explore what other major bookies in the UK have to offer. The following bookies offer many of the same features and benefits as Paddy Power, along with rock solid reputations:

How to avoid having your betting account restricted in future

The best way to avoid having your account suspended at bookmakers is to adhere to their terms of service.

While punters on online betting forums may complain that their accounts have been unfairly restricted, the reality is that terms of service violations are most likely to lead to account restrictions.

To avoid your account being restricted at bookmakers in future, always avoid:

  • engaging in arbitrage
  • opening duplicate accounts
  • supplying incorrect or false personal information
  • attempting to exploit Paddy Power promotions or specials in a fraudulent or cynical manner
  • using payment methods that do not belong to you.

Can Paddy Power legally suspend your account?

The law is on Paddy Power's side if they suspend your account due to a violation of their terms of service. This is because you opted into these terms of service when you signed up for your account, and accepted that penalties would be applied if you violated these terms as a user.

Paddy Power suspended account FAQ

Why has my Paddy Power account been suspended

Your Paddy Power account could be suspended for various reasons, depending on which of their terms of service you have violated. To confirm you will need to contact Paddy Power support using the live chat feature on their website.

How do I unsuspend my Paddy Power account

To unsuspend your Paddy Power account you will need to contact Paddy Power customer support using the live chat feature on their website.

Can I make a new Paddy Power account

While it is possible to make a new Paddy Power account, if your old account was suspended for violating Paddy Power's terms of service it is likely your new account will be identified as a duplicate account and suspended. Instead, contact Paddy power support and request a reactivation your previous account.

What do I do if my Paddy Power account is suspended

If your Paddy Power account is suspended you will need to contact their customer support, find out why your account was suspended and find out whether they are prepared to reinstate your account.

How do you complain to Paddy Power

You can complain to Paddy Power using the live chat feature on their website.

How do I get my money back from Paddy Power

If you are having issues accessing funds in a suspended Paddy Power account you will need to contact support for assistance in recovering funds.

How do I reactivate my Paddy Power account

Reactivating an old Paddy Power account should be as simple as logging into it. However, if you run into issues you will need to contact Paddy Power customer support for assistance.

Why is Paddy Power restricting my bets

Paddy Power may restrict bets if it suspects that you are violating its terms of service. In particular, attempting to place bets after depositing using someone else's payment methods can result in subsequent bets being voided and account suspension.