William Hill to offer app for Google Cardboard

Google CardboardWilliam Hill are building a reputation for being fast adapters to new technology. Their recent unveiling of a protoype app for Google Cardboard being a case in point.

If you haven't heard of Google's latest invention, it's a fold up cardboard device that allows users to convert their smartphones into virtual reality devices.

William Hill spotted the potential in this concept, and quickly developed a prototype for "Get In the Race", an app that will create a virtual reconstruction of actual races from a jockey's perspective.

The app will also allow for user interaction, with users' eye movements used to place bets or check race data.

“Get In The Race is all about the thrill of the ride and giving customers the best experience,” William Hill's Chris Nieboer told EGR. “We don’t think the industry is doing enough when it comes to innovation.”

To get yourself a Google Cardboard viewer, or download instructions to make one at home, you can visit Google's Cardboard page.

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