William Hill deposit errors and solutions

Few things are as frustrating as running into a wall at a bookie when trying to deposit some of your hard-earned money into your betting account to place a bet.

We’ve identified the most common William Hill deposit errors and performed research and testing on what these codes mean so we can help you understand and resolve them.

William Hill error DEP01

When you see the DEP01 error code it means there is an issue with your payment method.

This could be caused by a number of things, including attempts to deposit from countries where William Hill is not permitted to accept payments.


To fix this error try to use a different payment method, such as an international payment provider like PayPal. If this doesn’t work you’ll need to get in touch with customer services to find out how you can resolve the issue.

William Hill error DEP02

William Hill’s DEP02 error indicates that the website is unable to complete your deposit transaction automatically.

This is most likely due to an issue with the payment method you are using to fund your account.


If the William Hill website is unable to complete a transaction using your payment method you can assume the issue is with the card or bank account you are using. Try a different payment method to see if this clears the message, and if it doesn’t get in touch with William Hill’s support team.

William Hill error DEP03

If the William Hill DEP03 error message comes up while you are trying to deposit funds into your account it is likely that your account hasn’t been verified yet, particularly if you have just signed up.

If you’re an established user and you are getting this message it means there is an issue with your payment method.


If you are encountering this message the first time you are depositing, then ensure that you have gone through the full account verification process which you can find here .

If you’ve previously deposited into your account without issues, and are running into problems for the first time, attempt to make a deposit with a new payment method.

If this doesn’t work, you will need to contact William Hill customer support.

William Hill error DEP10

The William Hill error Dep10 appears when you attempt to deposit funds into your account using a payment method that is not registered in your name, such as someone else’s credit card.

You will also not be permitted to withdraw funds into a payment method which is not in the account holders name.


To resolve the DEP10 error you will need to deposit or withdraw funds using a payment method that is registered in the same name as the account holder.

If your deposit errors persist or you do not want to wait until they have been resolved you may want to consider signing up with another trusted bookmaker.