William Hill login errors and solutions

Are you struggling to access your William Hill betting account and don’t know where to turn?

Based on our own testing of common William Hill login errors we’ve compiled this basic guide to helping you get back into your account.

Remember to always check your login details when encountering error messages while logging into your account, and ensure that these are up to date.

It’s also worth checking your email and spam folders for any emails or notifications that William Hill may have sent you that could explain why you’re running into problems.

William Hill error ACC01

If you’re getting the ACC01 error code when trying to log into William Hill, it means one thing:

Your William Hill account has been closed. You may have closed the account yourself or William Hill closed the account due to an issue they picked up on their side.


Contact William Hill customer service and check if they are able to help you re-open your account.

William Hill error ACC02

If you get the ACC02 error message while trying to login to your William Hill account this means that your account has been suspended.

Usually if you have been suspended you will have received an email notification about this from William Hill. Check your spam folder for this email if it’s not in your inbox.


There are a number of reasons why your William Hill account may have been suspended, ranging from age verification problems to banking or depositing issues.

To get a clear answer on what is going on you will need to contact William Hill customer support and get their help removing the suspensions on your account.

William Hill error ACC03

If you’re seeing an ACC03 error on William Hill it means you are attempting to access a prohibited part of their website.

This can happen because you opted to exclude yourself from William Hill services or requested a restriction on your account.


To find out why you’re unable to access the William Hill website, or one of its portals, you will need to get in touch with William Hill customer services.

William Hill error ACC04

The ACC04 error message on William Hill usually means that your account has been dormant for a long period of time and needs to be re-activated.


To get your account up and running again you will need to contact William Hill customer service and ask them to help you get your account running again.

If your login errors persist or you do not want to wait until they have been resolved you may want to consider signing up with another trusted bookmaker.