Cheltenham Festival Day 2 Races

The Cheltenham Festival Day 2 races are headlined by the Queen Mother Champion Chase, with a Grade 1 hurdles race, novices chase and National Hunt flat race also in the mix. We offer the latest odds, cards, results, tips and specials on every race.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

1:30Novices’ HurdleGrade 1
2:10Brown Advisory Novices’ ChaseGrade 1
2:50Coral CupGrade 3
3:30Queen Mother Champion ChaseGrade 1
4:10Glenfarclas Cross Country ChaseClass 2
4:50Johnny Henderson Grand Annual ChaseGrade 3
5:30Champion BumperGrade 1

Overview of Day 2 Races

The second day of the Cheltenham Festival, often referred to as Ladies Day, offers a compelling mix of hurdles, chases, and the unique spectacle of cross-country racing. With a combination of novice showcases, handicaps, and championship titles on the line, here’s what spectators and enthusiasts can look forward to:

1:30PM: The Baring Bingham Novices’ Hurdle Race

  • Distance: Two miles about five furlongs (2m 5f)
  • Conditions: This Grade 1 race is open to horses aged 4 years and older, competing for a prize fund of £135,000. It’s a significant test for novices, highlighting potential stars in the hurdling discipline over a challenging distance.

2:10PM: The Brown Advisory Novices’ Steeple Chase

  • Distance: Three miles about half furlong (3m 110yds)
  • Conditions: Horses aged 5 and up race for £175,000 in this Grade 1 event. Formerly known as The Broadway Novices’ Chase, it’s a crucial test of endurance and jumping ability for novice chasers aiming to make their mark.

2:50PM: The Coral Cup Handicap Hurdle Race

  • Distance: Two miles about five furlongs (2m 5f)
  • Conditions: A Premier Handicap for horses aged 4 and above, with a prize pool of £100,000. This race is known for its competitive field and the tactical acumen required to navigate through a packed lineup, making it a thrilling watch.

3:30PM: The Betway Queen Mother Champion Steeple Chase

  • Distance: About two miles (1m 7f 199yds)
  • Conditions: With a generous £400,000 prize, this Grade 1 chase is one of the festival’s crown jewels, attracting elite speedsters aged 5 and older. It’s a supreme test of speed and precision over fences, commemorating the legacy of the Queen Mother.

4:10PM: The Glenfarclas Steeple Chase

  • Distance: Three miles, five furlongs, and 56 yards (3m 5f 56yds)
  • Conditions: A unique challenge, this Class 2 Cross Country Steeple Chase for horses aged 5 and up comes with a £75,000 prize. The race takes competitors over a variety of obstacles across the Cheltenham Racecourse’s cross-country course, showcasing versatility and endurance.

4:50PM: The Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Challenge Cup Handicap Steeple Chase

  • Distance: About two miles (1m 7f 199yds)
  • Conditions: A Premier Handicap with a prize fund of £125,000, open to horses aged 5 and older. This race is steeped in history, being one of the oldest at the festival, and tests the agility and speed of seasoned chasers.

5:30PM: The Weatherbys Champion Bumper

  • Distance: Two miles about half a furlong (2m 87yds)
  • Conditions: This Grade 1 National Hunt flat race, with an £80,000 prize, is for horses aged 4 to 6 years. It offers a platform for the stars of the future to shine, being the only race at the festival without obstacles, focusing on raw speed and potential.

Day 2 at the Cheltenham Festival presents a diverse array of racing disciplines, each with its own unique challenges and highlights. From the test of the novices in hurdles and chases to the strategic battle in handicaps and the endurance required in cross-country, there’s something for every racing enthusiast to enjoy.

Key Races to Watch

Day 2 of the Cheltenham Festival, often celebrated as Ladies Day, brings a blend of high-octane racing and fashion, making it a highlight of the festival calendar. Among the day’s races, several stand out for their prestige, history, and the level of competition they attract. Here are the key races to keep an eye on:

The Brown Advisory Novices’ Steeple Chase

A pivotal moment for novice chasers aiming to prove their mettle, the Brown Advisory Novices’ Steeple Chase is a test of endurance, strategy, and jumping skill. Covering three miles about half a furlong, it’s a significant stepping stone for future stars in the making, often leading to illustrious careers in chasing.

The Coral Cup Handicap Hurdle Race

The Coral Cup is a fiercely competitive handicap hurdle that draws a large field of seasoned runners. The race’s unpredictability and the tactical nuance required to navigate through the pack make it a thrilling spectacle. With a distance of two miles about five furlongs, it’s a middle-distance race that combines speed and stamina, offering a unique challenge to participants.

The Betway Queen Mother Champion Steeple Chase

One of the most anticipated races of the entire festival, the Queen Mother Champion Chase is a supreme test of speed and jumping over two miles. This Grade 1 race attracts the elite of two-mile chasers, providing a breathtaking display of agility and power. It’s a race that often features momentous battles and memorable finishes, making it a must-watch for any racing enthusiast.

The Glenfarclas Steeple Chase

Distinct from the other races of the day, the Glenfarclas Chase offers a unique spectacle as horses tackle the cross-country course. This race is a test of endurance, agility, and adaptability, covering three miles, five furlongs, and 56 yards. It’s an event that showcases the versatility and resilience of participants, often resulting in thrilling and unpredictable outcomes.

These key races on Day 2 not only highlight the diversity of the Cheltenham Festival’s racing disciplines but also underscore the rich heritage and competitive spirit that define this iconic event. From the strategic complexity of handicaps to the pure speed of championship chases and the unique challenge of cross-country racing, Day 2 offers unforgettable moments and compelling narratives for fans and bettors alike.