daily double

A horseracing bet in which you pick the winners of two races.

Daily Racing Form

Abbreviated as DRF, a daily US tabloid that publishes statistics on the past performances of race horses. It was founded in Chicago in 1894.


The mother of a horse.

dark day

A day with no scheduled horse races.

day card

A racecard that lists the details of all horses due to run in events for the day.

dead heat

A draw between two competitors. If a selection you’ve bet on dead-heats, you typically receive the full odds but the stake is divided by the number of winners before the return is calculated.

dead money

A selection with no chance of winning.

debit bet

A bet that’s accepted without a cash deposit but for which a bookmaker can directly debit the punter’s bank account.

decimal odds

Decimal odds are odds expressed as decimal values. This odds format represents the total amount to be paid out on winning bets, including the original stakes placed on the bets.

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deposit betting

Betting using funds deposited beforehand with a bookmaker.


1. A significant stakes race for three-year-olds. 2. A sports match between two teams from the same country or city.


See Dosage Index


A horse race for fillies and mares.


The amount paid out for a winning pari-mutuel, or Tote, bet.


See Draw No Bet


Abbreviation for did not finish.


Also known as the underdog, the competitor considered least likely to win an event.

dog player

A person who typically bets on the underdog.


In horse racing, barriers designed to prevent horses from running close to the inner rail of a track. They’re typically used after heavy rain.

Dosage Index

Abbreviated as DI, a value used by breeders of thoroughbred horses to indicate the ratio of speed to stamina in a horse’s pedigree. It’s calculated based on the last four generations of the horse’s lineage.


A double is the simplest form of multiple bet available at bookmakers. This straightforward multiple bet option takes two bets on selections in two different events and combines them into a single bet.

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double chance betting

Double chance betting is a type of match betting in which a single price is offered for either a win or a draw. A double chance bet will win if the team you back wins or draws, and lose if the team loses.

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double result

Also known as a half time/full time or HT/FT bet, a single bet in which you wager on a match result at half time and at full time.

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double stakes about

Abbreviated as DSA, a term term describing an any-to-come (ATC) bet in which double the original stake placed on one selection will be placed on a second selection if the first one wins.


1. A tie – also known in the United States as a push. 2. In horse racing, a reference to the number of the starting stall from which a horse will begin a race.

Draw No Bet

Abbreviated as DNB, ‘draw no bet’ is a type of betting market in which your stakes are refunded if the match ends in a draw.

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In betting, a horse for which the odds progressively lengthen, or increase.


Progressive lengthening of the odds for a competitor.


See double stakes about

dual forecast

A bet on which two selections will come first and second, in any order. Also known as a reverse forecast or quinella.

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Dutching is backing more than one selection in a race or event, then placing the correct stake on each selection so that the same amount of money will be returned if any one of the selections wins.

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