each-way bet

An each-way bet combines a win bet with a place bet on the same selection.

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each-way goalscorer

In football, an each-way goalscorer bet involves two wagers – that a player will score the first goal in a match, and that the player will score the second or third goal in the match. This is sometimes called an each-way first scorer bet.

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A slang term for odds of 6/4. It’s derived from the tic tac, or sign language, that bookmakers use to identify these odds on a racecourse.

early price

In horse racing, a price offered on the day of a race but prior to the start of racecourse betting.

Eclipse Awards

The highest honours in horse racing in the United States, determined by a vote of the National Turf Writers Association, The Daily Racing Form and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations.


A punter’s advantage in a bet.

eighth pole

On a racetrack, the pole marking an eighth of a mile to the wire (finish line).

English Triple Crown

The English Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, consisting of the 2,000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and St. Leger Stakes.


A partnership in North America of the Thoroughbred Racing Associations and The Jockey Club, which maintains racing records.

even money

Also referred to as evens, odds of 1/1, indicating that returns on winning bets will be double the amount staked. The returns include the returned stake plus winnings of an equal amount.


Odds of 1/1, indicating that the return on winning bets will be double the amount staked. Also sometimes referred to as even money.


In horse racing, a bet on which two horses will finish in the first and second places in a race. The horses must be named in the correct order for the bet to win. Also known as a forecast or, in the United States, perfecta.

exchange betting

Exchange betting, also known as peer-to-peer betting, is a form of betting that allows punters to set odds and bet directly against each other.

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exotic bet

Any bet other than a straight bet, which is a bet that the selection will win. Also known as a prop or proposition.


In betting, the maximum amount of money that a bookmaker may lose on an event.