SeeĀ Independent Betting Adjudication Service

if cash bet

SeeĀ any to come

in play

Currently in progress.

in running

A race that’s currently in progress.

in the money

In horse racing, the horses that place in a race and so earn rewards for the punters who backed them.

in-play betting

Another term for live betting.

Independent Betting Adjudication Service

Abbreviated as IBAS, an organization that settles disputes between punters and bookmakers in the United Kingdom.

index betting

Another term for spread betting, which involves betting on whether an outcome will be above or below the spread. The pay-out depends on the accuracy of the wager, instead of on which team wins or loses.

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At a racecourse, the area enclosed by an oval track.

insurance bet

An insurance bet is a horse racing bet that refunds your stake if your selection places instead of winning the race that you bet on.

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In betting, a form of insurance against losing a bet. For example, an Insurebet 2 ensures that your stake will be refunded if a horse you bet to place first places second instead. An Insurebet 3 is the same except that your stake will be refunded if the horse places second or third.

Irish Jackpot

A Tote bet you win by picking the winners of races three to six in a set of six consecutive races. The dividend depends on the number of favourites that win each race. Also see Tote UK Jackpot.

Irish Placepot

A Tote bet you win by picking horses that place in each of six consecutive races.