A horse that hasn’t yet won a race.

maiden race

An event for horses that haven’t yet won a race.


A female horse that’s five or more years old.

margin call

A call that a bookmaker makes to a punter for cash to cover some or all of the punter’s potential loss.


In the context of betting, a specific type of bet offered on a particular event. Bookmakers typically offer multiple betting markets on each event.

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martingale system

A betting strategy reliant on an unlimited bankroll that involves increasing the stake on a new bet each time a bet loses, with the intention of eventually recovering the lost money and earning a profit.

match betting

Match betting is betting that one of only two competitors will win a match, tournament or race.

mobile betting

Mobile betting is betting via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

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money back bet

A type of bet for which the bookmaker agrees to refund a bettor’s stake, in the form of a cash refund or free bet, if a specified event occurs. Money back bets were first introduced by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power but are now offered by several major bookmakers.

money-back special

A money-back special is an offer by a bookmaker to refund the stake you place on a bet if the bet doesn’t win but a specified outcome occurs.

moneyline odds

Moneyline odds are the preferred odds format in the United States, also sometimes called American odds.

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Slang commonly used by UK bookmakers for £500.

morning line

The starting odds for an event. The line serves as a prediction of what the final odds will be.

multiple bet

A multiple bet wagers a single stake on two or more selections. Each selection must be made in a different event or betting market, and all selections are required to win in order for the bet to pay out.

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mutuel field

Multiple horses that form one betting interest.