A tipster’s best, or strongest, bet of the day.

National Hunt

The dominant winter racing format in the UK. National Hunt races are generally contested by mares and geldings, and are run over distances of 2 miles or more. Most National Hunt races require contestants to jump obstacles on the course.


A tipster’s second-best bet of the day.


A measurement of the distance by which a horse is beaten, roughly equivalent to the length of a horse’s neck.

no action

A bet for which no money is won or lost.


In a horse race, a horse that was entered in a race but doesn’t actually run it.

non-runner no bet

Abbreviated as NRNB, a type of insurance offered on antepost bets in which bookmakers agree to refund your stake if the horse you back fails to run.

normal time

In football, the length of a match, excluding extra time and penalties. This is 90 minutes plus injury time.

novelty bet

A novelty bet is a bet on an outcome that’s not sport-related, such as the winner of a presidential election or the gender of a baby about to be born to royalty.

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SeeĀ non-runner no bet

number spread

Similar to point spread, an index spread based on the number of runs, goals and points scored in an event.