A racecard provides information about a horse race and about each of the horses entered to run it. It may also serve as a betting slip, in which case punters can make their selections directly on the card.

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Racing form

Racing form holds the key to being able to make an informed prediction about how any horse in the field for a race is likely to perform in that race.

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Racing Post Rating

Abbreviated as RPR, a rating assigned by The Racing Post to indicate a horse’s form. RPRs are listed in the Postdata Table published for each race.

racing secretary

The designated official who writes the condition book and assigns weights for handicaps at a racecourse.

racing syndicate

A group of people who pool their resources in order to buy and race horses.

Racing to Form



A complete outsider in a horse race.


The barrier that outlines the racing surface at a racecourse. Also called the fence.


To restrain a horse in order to save its energy.


The total amount paid out, including the stakes, on a winning bet.

return on investment

Abbreviated as ROI, the return on money invested. In betting, this equals the total winnings.

reverse forecast

A reverse forecast (RF) bet is the simplest form of a combination forecast bet, allowing you to select two contenders to finish 1st and 2nd in a race in any order.

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See return on investment

round robin

A Round Robin bet is a full cover combination bet that combines 10 different bets placed on three selections.

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A roundabout is a wager on three selections, consisting of three singles and three any to come (ATC) doubles. If the singles win, double the amount of the stakes placed on them will be staked on the doubles.

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A rounder is a wager on three selections, consisting of three singles and three any to come (ATC) doubles. If the singles win, the same stakes originally placed on them will be placed on the doubles.

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In horse racing, a race over a long distance (unlike a sprint).


See Racing Post Rating


Abbreviation for Racing to Form, a value that indicates the percentage of a trainer’s horses that have run to form, based on a comparison of each horse’s expected and actual performance in each race.

Rule 4

A rule set by the Tattersalls Committee, which governs horse race betting in the UK. The rule specifies that if a favourite is withdrawn from a horse race shortly before the race is run, a deduction must be made from all winnings.


1. Someone who places bets on behalf of another person. 2. An entry in a horse race.