Another term for a bet.


1. A horse race in which only one of the runners is left, after other declared runners are pulled out of the race. 2. A sports event in which all contestants but one are eliminated prior to, or during the contest, leaving the outcome a foregone conclusion.


Handicap race condition that assigns weights (handicaps) based on horses’ ages.


Abbreviation for weight. In horse racing, this refers to the weight, or handicap, carried by each horse.


To come first in an event.

win and place

A bet that involves two component bets – one that a selection will win, and one that a selection will place. It’s similar to an each way bet, except a higher stake is placed on the bet to win than on the bet to place.

win bet

A bet that a selection will finish in first place.

win to nil bet

Win to nil betting is a type of football betting that involves simultaneously placing two bets – a bet that a team will win, known as a back bet, and a bet that the other team will fail to score a goal in a match.

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The finish line in a horse race.

wise guy

In the United States, a well-informed punter or handicapper.