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betHQ offers the freshest Lingfield Park racing tips from the UK and Ireland’s leading racing pundits. Our Lingfield Park betting tips are published whenever there is racing on at Lingfield Park and heavyweight tipsters have weighed in with their picks for the day’s racing.

Nap Time Racecourse Tipster Best Odds Racecard
Mabre 13:45 Lingfield
(Daily Mail)
Robin Goodfellow
at Bet365
Non Mollare 14:15 Lingfield
(Liverpool Echo)
Chris Wright
at Bet365
Harry The Haggler 14:45 Lingfield
(Sheffield Star)
at Boylesports
Eight Mile 14:45 Lingfield
(Scottish Sun)
Jim Delahunt
at Bet365
Ermesinde 15:15 Lingfield
(Racing Post)
The Punt
at Bet365
Ermesinde 15:15 Lingfield
(The Sun)
at Bet365
Flash Bardot 15:15 Lingfield
(Sporting Times)
Jeffrey Ross
at Bet365
Smart Boyo 15:45 Lingfield
(Racing Post)
The North
at Paddy Power
Mr Rumbalicious 15:45 Lingfield
(Yorkshire Post)
The Duke
at Bet365
Mr Rumbalicious 15:45 Lingfield
Steve Mullington
at Bet365
Persian Wolf 16:15 Lingfield
(Ipswich Star)
Matt Polley
at William Hill
Dashing To You 16:45 Lingfield
(Daily Star Sunday)
at Bet365
  Indicated odds were updated on 2023-03-27 10:40:26 UTC. Please note that odds are subject to change.

*Note: Tips are displayed on racing days only.


Get Lingfield Park betting tips from the experts

If you don’t want to wade through form information yourself, or take tips from the guys at the pub, then our expert Lingfield Park tips are for you. These tips are sourced from some of the best known names in the racing scene, ensuring they are backed by expert knowledge of the horses and trainers involved in every race.

Our Lingfield Park horse racing tips are sourced from leading tipster sources as respected as West Country, Melissa Jones, Glendale and Wise Owl.


How our tips work

betHQ uses software that scours expert racing tips to find tips specific to today’s racing at Lingfield.

We then crunch and sort this data to present you with tips listed in the same order as the day’s race card. You can then use other options to sort the data, including horse name.

There’s simply no other way to get aggregated tips from leading racing pundits as quickly and easily.


Lingfield Park's Top Jockeys

Flat racing

Top jockey Wins vs Rides Win Percentage
Luke Morris 93-756 12
Adam Kirby 90-550 16
Oisin Murphy 50-268 19
Jim Crowley 49-208 24
Tom Marquand 49-338 14

*Top jockey performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Jump racing

Top jockey Wins vs Rides Win Percentage
Leighton Aspell 14-45 31
Gavin Sheehan 30-Oct 33
Aidan Coleman 25-Aug 32
Tom Scudamore 7-47 15
Tom Cannon 7-53 13

*Top jockey performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Lingfield Park's Top Trainers

Flat racing

Top trainer Wins vs Runs Win Percentage
Mark Johnston 58-288 20
Richard Hannon 55-328 17
John Gosden 51-175 29
Archie Watson 47-229 21
Simon Dow 31-223 14

*Top trainer performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Jump racing

Top trainer Wins vs Runs Win Percentage
Gary Moore 11-106 10
Zoe Davison 8-44 18
Seamus Mullins 8-49 16
Lucy Wadham 19-Jul 37
Warren Greatrex 25-Jul 28

*Top trainer performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Lingfield Park's Principal Races

2020 Date Race Type Race Title Group/Grade


What races top pundits bet on is to some extent dependent on what else is happening at Lingfield today, as well as the quality of the races taking place.

High profile Lingfield Park races like the Winter Derby and Chartwell Fillies’ Stakes are more likely to attract attention and tips then routine lower class handicaps.


Lingfield Park's Upcoming Fixtures

Day Date Code Surface
Thursday 2020/01/02 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/01/04 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/01/07 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/01/10 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/01/11 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/01/13 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/01/17 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/01/18 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/01/22 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/01/24 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/01/25 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/01/28 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/01/31 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/01 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/08 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/02/11 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/02/14 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/15 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/02/17 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/02/21 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/22 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/02/25 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/02/28 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/29 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/03/04 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/03/11 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/03/13 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/03/20 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/03/21 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/03/23 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/03/26 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/03/27 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/03/31 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/04/01 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/04/04 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/04/10 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/04/14 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/04/22 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/04/27 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/04/28 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/05/01 Flat Turf
Saturday 2020/05/09 Flat Turf
Tuesday 2020/05/19 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/05/21 Flat Turf
Tuesday 2020/05/26 Flat Turf
Saturday 2020/05/30 Flat Turf
Tuesday 2020/06/02 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/06/06 Flat Turf
Tuesday 2020/06/09 Flat Turf
Thursday 2020/06/18 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/06/20 Flat Turf
Saturday 2020/06/27 Flat Turf
Wednesday 2020/07/08 Flat Turf
Wednesday 2020/07/15 Flat Turf
Wednesday 2020/07/22 Flat Turf
Saturday 2020/07/25 Flat Turf
Saturday 2020/08/01 Flat Turf
Saturday 2020/08/08 Flat Turf
Tuesday 2020/08/11 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/08/13 Flat Turf
Monday 2020/08/17 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/08/22 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/08/26 Flat Turf
Wednesday 2020/09/02 Flat Turf
Saturday 2020/09/12 Flat Turf
Tuesday 2020/09/22 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/10/29 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/11/04 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/11/10 Jump Turf
Saturday 2020/11/14 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/11/17 Jump Turf
Saturday 2020/11/21 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/11/25 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/11/26 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/12/01 Jump Turf
Wednesday 2020/12/02 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/12/09 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/12/16 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/12/19 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/12/21 Jump Turf
Monday 2020/12/28 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/12/30 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/12/31 Flat AWT