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If there’s racing at Newcastle today you can get tips from some of the leading racing pundits in the UK and Ireland right here at betHQ. We source tips from leading tipsters, giving you easy access to informed picks for some of the most important races at Newcastle today.

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*Note: Tips are displayed on racing days only.


Get Newcastle free racing tips from the experts

If you’re making a selection in one of Newcastle’s races today you won’t want to miss out on insights into who leading UK tipsters are backing. We collect tips from some of the biggest names out there to provide you with an overview of who the racing experts are getting behind.

Our Newcastle racing tips are from pundits of the quality of Templegate, Marlborough, Alex Hammond and Moorestyle.


How our tips work

betHQ is able to offer you the freshest Newcastle racing tips thanks to our automated naps hunter, which sources tips from any high profile tipster backing a horse at the track today.

Once all the tips are collected, we sort them into a table according to the race order for the day, and you can also use the table to list naps by horse name.


Newcastle's Top Jockeys

Flat racing

Top jockey Wins vs Rides Win Percentage
Ben Curtis 76-429 18
P J McDonald 61-519 12
Joe Fanning 58-410 14
Andrew Mullen 46-494 9
Luke Morris 44-370 12

*Top jockey performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Jump racing

Top jockey Wins vs Rides Win Percentage
Brian Hughes 40-166 24
Danny Cook 19-101 19
Joe Colliver 10-39 26
Jamie Hamilton 10-80 13
Craig Nichol 10-88 11

*Top jockey performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Newcastle's Top Trainers

Flat racing

Top trainer Wins vs Runs Win Percentage
Richard Fahey 67-536 13
Jim Goldie 44-392 11
John Gosden 42-114 37
Mark Johnston 34-344 10
Ben Haslam 33-238 14

*Top trainer performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Jump racing

Top trainer Wins vs Runs Win Percentage
Sue Smith 20-96 21
N W Alexander 15-95 16
Nicky Richards 13-67 19
Micky Hammond 13-86 15
Philip Kirby 11-62 18

*Top trainer performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Newcastle's Major Meetings

Date Day Meeting
2020/06/27 Saturday Northumberland Plate
2020/11/28 Saturday Fighting Fifth Hurdle


Newcastle's Principal Races

2020 Date Race Type Race Title Group/Grade


Newcastle's Upcoming Fixtures

Day Date Code Surface
Saturday 2020/01/04 Jump Turf
Wednesday 2020/01/08 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/01/09 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/01/16 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/01/17 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/01/20 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/01/21 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/01/23 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/01/28 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/01/31 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/02/06 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/02/11 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/15 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/02/19 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/22 Jump Turf
Thursday 2020/02/27 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/02/28 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/03/03 Jump Turf
Thursday 2020/03/05 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/03/10 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/03/14 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/03/20 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/03/25 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/03/27 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/03/30 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/04/04 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/04/10 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/04/16 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/05/01 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/06/02 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/06/25 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/06/26 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/06/27 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/07/25 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/08/06 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/08/12 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/08/21 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/09/04 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/09/08 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/09/22 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/09/25 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/09/28 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/10/02 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/10/13 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/10/16 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/10/20 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/10/23 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/10/26 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/10/30 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/11/03 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/11/06 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/11/13 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/11/17 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/11/19 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/11/20 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/11/28 Jump Turf
Friday 2020/12/04 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/12/10 Jump Turf
Saturday 2020/12/12 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/12/19 Jump Turf