Southwell racing tips today

If you’re looking for the latest Southwell tips, you’re in the right place. betHQ collects and publishes available expert tips on the day’s racing at Southwell. We stick to tips by the leading names in UK and Irish racing to ensure you get the best pointers for the day’s racing.

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*Note: Tips are displayed on racing days only.


Get Southwell tips for today from the experts

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your picks for today’s racing at Southwell. You can work through the form data yourself and trust your intuition, trawl betting sites for tips, or take advice from other punters.

However, before you place your bets, you’ll want to hear what the leading racing pundits in the UK and Ireland have to say about any picks they have made for the racing at Southwell.

Our Southwell tips are sourced from pundits as respect as Templegate, Gary Owen, Farringdon and Lee Sobot.


How our Southwell racing tips work

When there’s racing on at Southwell betHQ automatically picks up any tips on the racing from leading tipsters in the United Kingdom.

These tips are then crunched and compiled into a naps table according to the race order for the day. You can also toggle the table to display tips in order of the horses that have been backed.


Southwell's Top Jockeys

Flat racing

Top jockey Wins vs Rides Win Percentage
Ben Curtis 55-283 19
Luke Morris 47-432 11
Andrew Mullen 37-331 11
Alistair Rawlinson 35-236 15
Kieran O'Neill 34-324 10

*Top jockey performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Jump racing

Top jockey Wins vs Rides Win Percentage
Harry Skelton 47-176 27
Richard Johnson 36-162 22
Sean Bowen 22-99 22
Aidan Coleman 22-147 15
Nico de Boinville 20-80 25

*Top jockey performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Southwell's Top Trainers

Flat racing

Top trainer Wins vs Runs Win Percentage
Michael Appleby 90-661 14
K R Burke 41-188 22
Scott Dixon 39-544 7
David Evans 29-199 15
Richard Fahey 28-162 17

*Top trainer performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Jump racing

Top trainer Wins vs Runs Win Percentage
Dan Skelton 43-192 22
Jonjo O'Neill 23-160 14
Nicky Henderson 18-53 34
Tom George 18-77 23
Caroline Bailey 16-88 18

*Top trainer performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Races we cover in our Southwell tips for today

The races covered in our Southwell tips depend on where the leading pundits are putting their money and what else is happening around the country’s racing scene.

Expect to get tips on higher grade races with stronger fields, or races where pundits feel they have enough insight into the field and conditions to give you a rock-solid tip.

Southwell's Upcoming Fixtures

Day Date Code Surface
Wednesday 2020/01/01 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/01/03 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/01/05 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/01/07 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/01/12 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/01/13 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/01/15 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/01/23 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/01/28 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/01/30 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/02/05 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/02/07 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/02/09 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/02/12 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/02/14 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/02/18 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/02/20 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/02/26 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/29 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/03/03 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/03/05 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/03/08 Mixed Turf
Tuesday 2020/03/10 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/03/13 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/03/16 Jump Turf
Saturday 2020/03/21 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/03/24 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/03/25 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/03/31 Jump Turf
Thursday 2020/04/02 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/04/07 Jump Turf
Sunday 2020/04/12 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/04/21 Jump Turf
Monday 2020/04/27 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/04/30 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/05/05 Jump Turf
Monday 2020/05/11 Jump Turf
Wednesday 2020/05/20 Jump Turf
Monday 2020/06/01 Jump Turf
Monday 2020/06/22 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/07/14 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/07/21 Jump Turf
Sunday 2020/08/16 Jump Turf
Monday 2020/08/31 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/09/15 Jump Turf
Thursday 2020/10/01 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/10/06 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/10/08 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/10/15 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/10/22 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/10/27 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/10/29 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/11/03 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/11/13 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/11/17 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/11/24 Jump Turf
Thursday 2020/11/26 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/11/27 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/12/01 Jump Turf
Tuesday 2020/12/08 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/12/11 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/12/13 Jump Turf
Thursday 2020/12/17 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/12/18 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/12/20 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/12/29 Flat AWT