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    An Alphabet bet combines several different multiple bets. It gets its name from the fact that every Alphabet bet comprises 26 separate bets.

The Alphabet bet can be an intimidating bet for novice punter, as it not only requires getting their heads around a few different bet types, but also requires a fairly large stake.

However, with the advent of online bookies, placing an Alphabet bet is easier than it has ever been. We’ll explain how Alphabet bets work, and how to place them in this article.

What is an Alphabet bet?

An Alphabet bet is a combination of:

These bets are made on a total of 6 selections from the betting markets, for example 6 different selections in football match betting markets.

Only one selection needs to win for an Alphabet bet to generate a return. The following table provides an overview of the alphabet bet breakdown.

Sub-betSelectionsNumber of bets
1st Patent1-37
2nd Patent4-67

How does an Alphabet bet work?

In order to place an Alphabet bet you’ll need to first identify six selections that you want to include in your bet.

Ideally the first and last selections should be the ones you are least confident in, while selections two through five should have a better probability of winning.

This is done to increase your odds of winning the Yankee portion of the alphabet bet, which is potentially the most lucrative portion of the bet, with the most sub-bets.

Once you have identified your six selections, you will need to construct each of the sub-bets separately on a betting slip.

Typically you will focus on one sport and one type of market when placing an Alphabet bet. However, you can combine bets from various sports and market types.

Example of Alphabet bet


We’ll illustrate how this works with a simple example:

A punter identifies a winner in 6 different horse races, he then lists them from 1 to 6 with the two least fancied selections placed in positions 1 and 6 respectively:

  1. Tulane
  2. King Athelstan
  3. Nearly Famous
  4. Tiar Na Nog
  5. Couldn’t Could She
  6. Azor Ahai

He then adds horses 1 to 3 to a bet slip, and selects the patent option from the multiple bet types offered by the betting slip and enters a stake for his first patent bet.

Once that bet has been placed, he repeats the process with horses 4-6 to create another patent bet.

With the two patents placed, the punter selects horses 2-6 in from their cards and selects the yankee option from the multiple bet options that appear on the betting slip. He enters a stake and places the bet.

Finally he adds all 6 horses to the betting slip and selects the accumulator option from the betting slip and enters the stake for this bet.

Once the accumulator has been placed the alphabet bet is completed, and the punter can await the results for the selections in the bet.

Which bookmakers do an alphabet bet?

At the moment no major bookies automatically detect and place entire alphabet bets if punters add six selections to a betting slip.

However, alphabet bets can be constructed using the four sub-bets at the following major bookies:

Simply add your selections to the betting slip at these bookies and you’ll be able to select the sub-bets required to put your bet together.

Note that bet365 does not currently offer patent bets as a multiple bet option, and you should not attempt to replace your patents with Trixie bets at this operator as these are a different bet type.

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