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    Abbreviated as ATC, an any to come bet is a bet on two selections that includes a condition. If part of the wager yields a sufficient return, an agreed amount is wagered on one or more other selections.

An any to come bet is also known as an “if cash” bet because it involves wagering on additional selections only if cash is won on an initial selection. This type of bet isn’t typically available in ante-post betting markets. Types of any to come bets include the:

  • up-and-down bet, which involves wagering the stake for a single selection on a second selection if the first one wins
  • round robin – a wager on three selections that consists of ten separate bets (three doubles, a treble and three up-and-down bets)
  • Flag – a wager on four selections that consists of 23 bets (six doubles, four trebles, a fourfold and six up-and-down bets)
  • Super Flag – a wager on five selections that consists (of 46 separate bets ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfolds, a fivefold and ten up-and-down bets)
  • rounder – a wager on three selections that consists of three singles and three any-to-come doubles to the original singles
  • roundabout – the same as a rounder, but the any-to-come doubles involve betting twice the original stake on the second leg if the first leg wins.
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