Best odds guaranteed

Best odds guaranteed doesn’t mean that a bookmaker guarantees to give you better odds than you might get elsewhere. It means that the bookmaker guarantees to pay out winning bets at the SP if this is higher than the price you took when you placed your bet.

Usually best odds guaranteed offers apply to both single and multiple bets.

Example of best odds guaranteed in practice

Say you back a horse to win a race in the Cheltenham Festival at odds of 8/1 . The odds on the horse continue to lengthen (increase) and, by the start of the race, are sitting at 10/1. If the bookmaker who took your wager offered best odds guaranteed, it’s means that if your horse wins, you’ll be paid out at the starting odds of 10/1.

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Best odds guaranteed limits and conditions

Typically best odds guaranteed offers don’t apply for ante-post racing, pool betting or any special bets, like enhanced accumulators, insurance bets or place-only bets.

A bookmaker may set a limit on the maximum extra amount you can win per bet due to its best odds guaranteed offer. For example, say the limit is set at £20,000. This means that if a winning bet would return £25,000 at the odds that were quoted when you placed the bet, you can’t win more than £45,000 on the bet (£20,000 more than you would have otherwise) due to the starting price odds being higher.

To establish the limits that apply, you’ll need to check a specific bookmaker’s terms and conditions.

Bookmakers that offer best odds guaranteed

In the UK, several leading bookmakers offer best odds guaranteed. Among these are:

A few years back, it was common for bookmakers to offer best odds guaranteed only on specific races (usually high-profile ones). In an attempt to compete for betting business, many UK bookmakers now offer best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish horse races. Good news for punters!

Get best odds guaranteed on UK racing from William Hill