Betting markets

Betting markets are where you go to find odds for sports events on which you want to bet. They’re similar to the “prediction markets” found in regular stock markets. Both involve making predictions about the future.

Sports betting markets

In the world of sports betting, betting markets provide a marketplace for odds – in other words, a place where bookmakers can list their odds for all possible outcomes of sporting events. Punters can select odds from a market based on the outcomes they predict.

A betting market consists of one type, or category, of bets. There may be many markets for a single sports event, enabling you to focus on a specific type of betting.

For example, a single football match will have separate markets for betting on the match result, the number of goals scored, the goal scorers – or players who’ll score goals – and the winning margin. Bookmakers sometimes offer dozens of betting markets for high-profile fixtures.

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Using betting markets

Before you can place a bet online, you need to identify the market you want to bet on. Typically bookmakers list all the sports they cover prominently on the home pages of their sites. Clicking the sport that interests you will take you to a page dedicated to your sport. This will usually list all the events or tournaments covered by the bookmaker.

When you click an event, a list of all betting markets linked to that event will display. You can then click a market that interests you, and odds for that market will be listed. You can place a bet by clicking the odds for the outcome you’ve predicted.

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