Double bets

double bettingExample of a double bet

Say you stake a £5 double bet on two outcomes:

  • Manchester United winning the Premier League at 3/1
  • Chelsea winning the Champions League at 5/1.

If Manchester United wins the Premier League, your stake of £5 plus the winnings of £15 – giving a total of £20 – will automatically be wagered on Chelsea winning the Champions League, at odds of 5/1.

If Chelsea wins, you’ll receive a total payout of £120 – the stake of £20 placed on the second wager plus winnings of £100. If Chelsea doesn’t win, you lose the bet and forfeit the original stake you wagered (even though the first part of your bet won).

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Double bet tips

Double bets magnify the potential winnings you can earn from a single stake. At the same time, they’re much easier to win than multiple bets that involve three or more selections. You can also use them to back your favourites.

These factors make double bets very popular with punters, in sports ranging from football to horse racing. The disadvantage of a double bet is that you’ll lose your stake even if one of your two selections wins.  

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