Full cover bets

A full cover bet is a bet that includes all possible multiple bets, including doubles, trebles and accumulators, for a given number of selections.

full cover betsTypically when people refer to full cover bets, they mean bets with between three and eight selections. Each of these types of full cover bets is known by a specific name:

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Pros and cons of full cover bets

The advantage of a full cover bet is that it involves splitting a bet over multiple selections. Here’s what’s important – not all your selections have to win for you to earn a payout. This means you have a way better chance of making a profit than you would if you placed the same stake on one or more “straight” single or multiple bets.

For example, consider the popular multiple bet known as a treble. This isn’t a full cover bet. It involves betting on three underlying conditions, and all three have to prove true for you to win the bet. If just one of your selections loses, you lose your whole stake.

Compare this to a Trixie, which is the simplest type of full cover bet. With a Trixie, you place four separate bets – three doubles and a treble – on three selections. But not all three selections have to win for you to earn a return. If two of your selections win, you’ll still qualify for a payout. This makes it more likely that you’ll see a return on your bet.

Things get increasingly complicated as the number of selections in a full cover bet goes up, ending with the appropriately named Goliath, which consists of a whopping 247 bets. It’s probably best to treat this type of bet as an occasional adventure.

There is a down side. Like in the world of financial investments, lower risk typically goes together with lower returns. With a full cover bet, the risk of losing your stake is lower – but if you win, you’ll be paid out less than if you had wagered your stake on a single winning bet.

Of course the main reason to consider full cover bets is simply that they’re good fun!

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