Live betting

Live betting is betting that occurs while sports events are being played. It's also known as in-play betting.

live bettingLive betting is a popular alternative to traditional fixed odds betting. Live betting markets allow punters to read the flow of play before betting on the action.

Live betting is available for both team and individual sports, offering dynamic live betting markets that let you place bets in real time. In football, for instance, you can bet on which team will score the next goal, a game's final score and additional handicap markets.

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Where to find live betting

Live betting is available from all major bookmakers, although usability can differ significantly between bookies. For example bet365 offers live betting markets alongside graphic visualizations, while other bookies offer more stripped-down interfaces. Bookies offering live betting markets include:

Live betting tips

Live betting is something of an art form. You’ll need to prepare yourself to make some quick decisions when placing money in these markets. Good knowledge of the sport you’re betting on is crucial to successful live betting, as is being able to predict how a situation will play out.

Live betting can be particularly lucrative if you place bets on long shots in sports events. The Euro 2008 comeback by Turkey against the Czech Republic or the 2005 Champions League final comeback by Liverpool are just two examples of games where live bets on teams at half-time generated some massive returns.

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