Super Heinz

The Super Heinz bet is a slight variation on the popular Heinz bet type, named after the '57' varieties slogan coined by ketchup manufacturer, H.J. Heinz.

Whereas the standard Heinz features a total of 57 bets on six selections, covering every one of the bet types from doubles to a seven fold, the Super Heinz bet goes a step further by adding another selection to the mix.

The Super Heinz is most commonly used when betting on horse racing, but bets can be placed on any sport. At least two selections must win for a Super Heinz to pay out.

How many bets in a Super Heinz bet?

Adding just one more selection to a regular Heinz bet pumps up the number of sub-bets to an impressive figure of 120 bets.

These sub-bets cover every possible combination of multiple bet types across the seven selections, including 21 double bets, 35 treble bets, 35 four fold accumulators, 21 five folds, 7 six-fold bets and one seven-fold accumulator.

What is a Super Heinz bet?

A Super Heinz bet is typically placed at an online bookmaker, where the process of placing the relevant multiple bets is automated and calculated in an instant.

All you need to do as a punter is make seven selections in seven separate events in the betting markets. Typically punters will stick to one sport when placing a Super Heinz, but this is not a requirement.

Once all seven selections have been made, the option to place a Super Heinz will automatically appear with the other multiple bet options on the bookie's betting slip.

You can then enter your base stake. This amount will be multiplied by 120 when you place your bet, as it will be wagered on every one of the 120 bets in your Super Heinz bet.

Super Heinz bets are not quite as popular as regular Heinz bets, so not every bookie will offer this bet as an option.

If that is the case you will need to contact the bookmaker to find out if they will create the Super Heinz bet for you.

In theory it is possible to win a Super Heinz bet with just two winning selections if their double generates a payout of £121.

However, at more modest odds you will typically need four or more of your selections to win in order to profit from your Super Heinz.

Which bookmakers accept Super Heinz bets?

Trusted online bookmakers who accept Super Heinz bets include:


Super Heinz bet calculator

Because a Super Heinz bet consists of so many sub-bets, manually calculating the potential returns and permutations of 120 bets in a Super Heinz bet is very labour intensive. In fact even calculating the return on a single seven fold accumulator would stretch the average punter's arithmetic.

Fortunately we're past the paper betting slip era, and it's now as simple as entering the stakes and odds on a Super Heinz calculator or your bet slip.

Select 'Super Heinz' under 'Bet Type' in the calculator

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Super Heinz betting strategy

A Super Heinz can be used two different ways.

Either to combine safe bets into a better payout than you'd get off placing singles on the relevant selections, or to leverage slightly higher odds to generate really big payouts.

The conservative Super Heinz option could be applied to a tennis Grand Slam, for example, by placing seven bets on seven top seeds in the first round of matches at the tournament.

The favourites are rarely upset in these matches, but at the same time the odds on offer can be very modest.

As a simplified example, if you placed seven £1 singles on seven players each priced 1/5 to win their respective matches, and each of them won you'd take home just £1.40 in profit.

However, if you place a £1 Super Heinz bet on seven players at the same odds, all seven players winning their bets will generate a profit of £120.

Which means a return of just over 100% against your Super Heinz stake compared to the modest 20% you'd have earned by placing singles.

If you're after bigger payouts you will want to back your selections at higher odds.

The second Super Heinz strategy therefore requires you to find the best balance between value on price on seven separate selections.

This will usually require a good working knowledge of the sport and competitors you are backing, as you will need to zero in on selections that bookies have priced too high.

Using horse racing as an example, you could back seven horses in seven different races, each horse at a price of 3/1 with a base stake of £1 for a total stake of £120.

The payouts for this Super Heinz horse racing bet would look as follows:

  • 1 horse wins: £120 loss
  • 2 winners: £104 loss
  • 3 winners: £8 loss
  • 4 winners: £488 profit
  • 5 winners: £2,984 profit
  • 6 winners: £15,480 profit
  • 7 winners: £77,976 profit

Of course you needn't bet with £1 as your base stake. Betting with a base stake of as little as 10p you can still generate sizeable returns with much lower risk.

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Is Super Heinz a good bet?

A Super Heinz is a good bet if you want to get one of the biggest possible payouts you can from bets on seven separate selections. Compared to seven single bets, or even a seven fold accumulator, the Heinz bet will generate a much larger payout if all of these selections win. However, it can also be more expensive, as a stake is required for each of its 120 bets.

A Super Heinz is also a good option if you enjoy betting on horse racing or other sports where you back an outright winner in an event.

Why is it called a Super Heinz?

The 'Heinz' part of Super Heinz is taken from the other combination bet to which it is closely related, the Heinz bet. That bet got its name because there are 57 sub bets in it, while the Heinz company used to advertise '75 varieties' of products. The 'super' comes from the fact that an extra selection is covered in a Super Heinz, swelling the number of sub bets to 120 bets.

Why should I place a Super Heinz bet?

You should place a Super Heinz bet if you believe you have seven different selections you feel are rock solid and want to get the best possible mileage out of them. In this case there are few other bets that will match the payout you can earn from a Super Heinz. Just keep in mind that two or more selections need to win for a Super Heinz to pay out.

Is the Super Heinz a full cover bet?

No, the Super Heinz bet is not a full cover bet. To turn it into one you would need to place single bets on the seven different selections in your bet, in addition to the multiple bets covered by a standard Super Heinz.

How does an each way Super Heinz work?

An each-way Super Heinz bet works the same way as a Super Heinz, except all your selections are backed with each-way bets instead of for the win. This means that the each-way portion of your bet will win even if your selection only places. Also bear in mind that your overall stake will be doubled when you place an each-way Super Heinz bet. Also note that you must back every selection each way when betting an each way Super Heinz.

How many selections need to win for a Super Heinz bet to be profitable?

At least one of your double bets must win in order for a Super Heinz bet to be profitable. And the cumulative odds on that double must be over 120/1. This is, of course, extremely unlikely. In reality you'd usually need at least four selections to win to profit off a Super Heinz.

What is a Super Heinz on William Hill?

This is exactly what it says it is: William Hill's option to put a Super Heinz bet on seven selections from their betting markets.

What is a Super Heinz on bet365?

This is a combination bet on seven selections winning seven different events placed at bet365. It is made available on the betting slip once you make seven selections at this leading online bookie.