Tennis betting tips

tennis bettingTennis is popular with punters who are serious about profiting from their sports betting. This is because of the simplicity of tennis betting markets, along with the stable long-term trends observed in the sport.

Here are some simple and effective tennis betting tips for increasing the profits you generate from betting on the sport.

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Pick your tournaments

If you’re going to be betting on tennis, think carefully about which tournaments you will bet on. Lower tier tournaments tend to be far more unpredictable than grand slams and masters tournaments, where a handful of players tend to dominate for long periods of time. Also be aware that women’s tennis tends to be more unpredictable than men’s tennis, with upsets of top-seeded players by lower-seeded players the norm rather than the exception.

Consider the court surface

Pay attention to the court being used for a tennis tournament. Hard courts favour players with strong service games. Grass courts help players with good serve and volley games. Clay courts are usually mastered by players with endurance and an arsenal of spin shots.

Also pay attention to the way the weather may make a surface play, as courts may become faster or slower depending on the climatic conditions and this can easily play into players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Place multiples on favourites

There is a strong bias towards favourites in men’s tennis tournaments, with the top players in the sport achieving very high success rates against lower-ranked players. As a result, odds on these players in the match betting markets tend to be quite low.

Especially for men’ matches, it’s typically best to bundle several bets on match favourites into a single bet. This will provide much higher odds than you’d get by placing separate bets on the favourites, and you’ll have a reasonable chance of the bet paying out.

Review statistics

When placing match bets, it’s always worthwhile to have a look at the head-to-head record between two players. Some lower-ranked players consistently beat higher-ranked opponents, or one player may dominate another over a long period. Knowing how two players have fared in previous meetings can help you place more educated match bets.

Shop around for the best odds

To maximise your profits from tennis betting and stay ahead of the bookmakers, you’ll need to shop around for the best prices for all your selections. A quality odds comparison service can help you identify the best odds for any given tennis match.

Consider using a betting exchange

Opening an account with a betting exchange will add to your tennis betting options. Using an exchange enables you to “lay”, or bet against, a player winning a particular tennis match. You can also use the betting exchange to trade prices, backing players at high prices and laying them when their prices contract – or placing lay bets when odds for top players are artificially low and then backing them when their prices climb to lock in a profit. Learn more about the options on our betting exchanges page.

Hedge your bets

Consider playing both sides when you place your tennis bets online. There are dozens of hedging strategies you can to reduce the risk of losses. For example, you might choose to lay the underdog and back half this stake on the same player winning in the maximum number of sets at a bookmaker.

Hedging lets you cover various contingencies in a match, allowing you to insure your primary bet and increasing the likelihood that you’ll generate a profit.

Avoid “guaranteed” strategies

The internet is rife with “guaranteed” tennis betting systems. Most of these claim to allow you to bet blind – without any tennis knowledge and without having to watch the sport. If these systems worked, their creators wouldn’t be attempting to sell them online.

There are punters who succeed in making a profit from their tennis bets, but they do this by using sound money management, mixing and matching strategies, staying informed about player form and results and doing research before they bet.

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