The treble bet explained

A treble is an accumulator bet that comprises three separate bets placed on three different sports events. All three selections must win for a treble bet to return a profit.

A single selection losing will result in the bet being lost. Trebles are used to generate higher odds than would be generated from successful single bets on the same three selections.

How a treble bet works

A treble bet works much the same way as double bets and other multiple bets.

If the first selection in a treble bet wins, the same stake plus winnings are wagered on the second selection in the bet. If that wins too, the payout is wagered on the third selection in the treble bet. If the third selection wins, the bet pays out.

Any losing selection will trigger the loss of any accumulated winnings that have been generated by the bet. This means all three selections must win in order for a treble bet to pay out.

How to place a treble bet

Placing a trebles is straightforward:

  1. Make a selection in an event at an online bookmaker
  2. Make a second selection in a different event at the same online bookmaker*
  3. Make a third bet in a third event at the same bookie

Each of your single bets will automatically be added to the bet slip at your bookie.

Once the third and final bet is made the option to place a treble bet will appear on your betting slip alongside the option to place three single bets.

You can then enter your stake for the treble bet.

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Treble bet example

Say you place a £5 treble bet on the following outcomes in three football matches:

  • First bet: Manchester United winning the Premier League at odds of 3/1
  • Second bet: Everton winning the FA Cup at odds of 7/1
  • Third bet: Chelsea winning the Champions League at odds of 5/1.

If the first bet wins, your £5 stake plus winnings of £15 (giving a total of £20) will automatically be wagered on Everton winning the FA Cup.

If Everton is successful in the second leg, the stake of £20 plus winnings of £140 (giving a total of £160) will automatically be wagered on Chelsea winning the Champions League.

If Chelsea wins the Champions League, you’ll receive a pay out of £960 – the stake of £160 placed on the third part of the bet plus winnings of £800.

This represents total winnings of £955, for an original stake of only £5 - effective combined odds of 190/1!

If second leg and/or third leg of your treble loses, the bet loses and you forfeit your original stake plus any accumulated winnings. That means you'll earn nothing if only one bet wins.

Treble betting strategy

From our treble bet example you can see that a treble bet can be used to generate potentially large payouts from small stakes.

It's a good option if you don't want the risk attached to bigger multiple bets like five-folds, but want a larger payout than you'd get from a single or double bet.

As with any multiple or combination bet, there are basically two different approaches to using trebles:

  1. To combine three low odds bets with a high probability of winning into a single bet with a good chance of winning and a decent sized payout.
  2. To combine higher odds selections in a more speculative bet that can generate a massive return if all three selections win.

If you're new to sports betting, option 1 is a good place to start.

You can place this type of bet on any sporting event, but a sport like tennis, with very strong favourites and underdogs is recommended.

A treble bet example of this option would be to place a treble on three top seeds in a tennis grand slam tournament.

For example, if you back three top seeded players in the first round of a grand slam tournament at odds of 1/5 each, with a total stake of £10, you can earn a return of £7.30.

While this is by no means offers massive treble bet odds, it is a far better return than you would receive backing any of the individual selections in your treble bet.

Once you are more experienced with sports betting, you can give the second strategy a shot.

In this case you will need to find bigger priced selections that offer real value - i.e. good odds as well as a reasonable chance of winning their event.

Focus on a sport you are familiar with to maximise your chances of winning your bets, whether its football betting, horse racing, greyhound racing or any other sporting events.

Using horse racing as an example, you could find three separate selections each at odds of 5/1 in three separate events.

Place a £10 stake on a treble with these selections and if the three bets in your treble win, you'll earn a £215 payout on your stake.

The each way treble bet explained

While newbie bettors will want to start off placing basic treble bets, there is also the option to place each way treble bets once you have the hang of things.

Each way trebles involving placing three each way bets on three selections on three different events.

If any selection wins, both the win and each way portions of the bet are carried forward to the next each way bet in the treble.

If only the each way portion of the bet wins (in other words the selection places) then the each way portion of the winnings is invested in the each way portion of the next bet.

This effectively splits your accumulator into two separate trebles:

  1. One treble comprising win bets
  2. One treble comprising place bets

If all your selections win, you will win the entire bet.

If one of your selections loses, but all three manage to place, you will win the each way treble bet.

If one of your selections fails to place, you will forfeit the entire bet and win nothing.

In order to place an each way treble, you will need to bet on a market like the horse racing win market that offers each way options on single bets.

Treble bet calculator

Wondering how to calculate winnings from a treble bet?

There's no need to do the math yourself. Use the calculator below to set up your treble bet and predict your potential winnings.

*Select "Treble" from the bet type drop-down

Open Calculator

Which bookmakers accept treble bets

Treble bets are a stock-standard option at major online bookmakers. Once you have made three selections at the bookie the option to place a treble bet should come up on your betting slip.

You can place trebles at:

Treble bet FAQ

Is a treble a parlay?

Yes, a treble bet is a parlay bet. While the word 'parlay' is not used as frequently as the term 'accumulator' it means the same thing.

What sports can you place treble bets on?

Treble bets can be placed on any sports. The actual sport is not important. What is important is that three different sports events are used to set up the bet. For example you cannot place a treble on three entries in one horse race.

Why pick a treble bet over any other multiple bet?

A treble bet is arguably the multiple bet that offers the best balance between having a genuine chance of winning the bet and also benefitting from a potentially large payout. Large bets carry much more risk, while smaller bets like doubles don't generate the same potentially hefty payouts. Meanwhile, single bet odds can't compete with the prices generated by trebles.

What if one of the selections loses but the others win?

Unless you've placed an each way treble bet, you are out of luck. A single losing selection will result in your bet losing. The same goes for only two bets in your treble winning. If you've placed an each way bet and a selection loses but places you can still win the each way portion of your treble.

What are the markets that can be included in a treble?

You can include any betting markets and bet types in a treble, so long as they are markets in different sporting events - otherwise the option to place a treble will not come up on your betting slip.

Do keep in mind that using an outright bet on a future event can delay the payout for your treble bet. So if you want a fast payout on your bet, don't include the winner of the 2026 Football World Cup in your treble!

Is there a qualifying bet for a treble?

There are no minimum odds for a treble, and no qualifying bet rule applies in terms of the stakes that may be placed. However, there are restrictions on what bets can be used to create a treble. A qualifying bet must be placed on a separate sports event to other bets in the treble.

What is the difference between a treble and a tricast bet?

A tricast bet is not related to a treble, apart from generating potentially great odds. Tricasts are usually bets on which horses or greyhounds will finish in the top three of a specific race in a specific order.

What is a treble bet on 5 teams?

While you can only bet on three teams in a single treble, it is possible to combine several trebles to cover more than three teams. For example, you can create 10 trebles by betting on every possible combination of 5 teams to win five separate events.

What is a treble bet on 4 teams?

While you cannot create a treble bet using four bets, it is possible to create a combination bet that combines four trebles to cover all possible combinations of four teams to win four separate events.

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