What does betting without mean?

The betting without market is designed to remove top contenders from a horse racing market to improve your chances of winning a back bet on one of the other horses in the field.

An aerial shot of a horse race where one horse has pulled away significantly from the pack.

How betting without works

Removing favourites from the field lowers the odds on the other horses in the field, as their chances of ‘winning’ improve without the favourites in the field.

Of course, in the actual race the favourites do compete. So, a betting without bet wins when your selection finishes ahead of the other horses in the betting without market.

The finishing order of the horses excluded from the market is irrelevant.

Where to find the betting without market

The betting without market is generally available in the ‘other markets’ section of online racecards or displays an additional market in the markets section of the card.

The betting without market can also be referred to the ‘betting without the favourite’ market, or in some cases the bookies will use the horse name, i.e. ‘betting without Al Boum’.

Depending on which bookie you use, the market may only display the horses left in the field or in cases like bet365 the horses that have been removed are ‘greyed out’ in the market.

Betting without strategy

Betting without the favourite is a good market to focus on in races which produce a very strong favourite which is likely to win the race but also offers poor returns.

Typical examples would be high profile races featuring superstar racehorses and ordinary races where one entry clearly outclasses the rest of the field.

In these situations, the betting without market allows you to place a win bet on the horse that finishes second or third in the actual race, instead of forcing you into a place bet.

That last bit is important, a win bet on a horse in a betting without market will pay out much higher odds than a place bet on the same horse.

Apart from that, betting w/o strategy is not going to be different to the strategy you use when placing your regular racing bets.

Betting without by the bookie

The betting without market is handled differently be major bookmakers.

Betting without favourite bet365

bet365 logo

The betting without markets at bet365 offer more options than you’ll find at most other online bookies.

The markets can be found under the ‘more markets’ tab on the race card. This option is standard for UK and Irish racing but may not be available for races in other countries.

Typically, you will have two options to choose from. One market with just a single favourite excluded, and a second with the 2nd favourite also excluded.

Place your betting W/O bet at bet365


Betting without William Hill

William Hill logo

William Hill’s betting without markets are located in the list of markets available on races in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This market excludes the favourite for the race, which is not listed in the market.

William Hill offers one set of odds in this market. This bookie also displays the odds each entry is trading with in the main race market to give you an idea of how removing the favourite from the market has impacted prices across the field.

Place your betting W/O bet at William Hill


Betting without Boylesports

Boylesports logo

It’s easy to find the betting without markets at Boylesports. Odds for the market are listed as a column on the main race card.

This is helpful, as it allows you to easily compare the value the betting without market offers you relative to other race markets.

You can also navigate directly to the market by choosing ‘other markets’ on the racecard. It will display here as ‘betting without’ followed by the favourite’s name (i.e. ‘Betting without Al Boum’).

Place your betting W/O bet at Boylesports


Betting without Paddy Power

Paddy Power logo

Paddy Power offers the biggest variety of betting without markets of the big bookies, with three options available.

These include betting without the favourite, betting without the second favourite, and betting without the two favourites.

You can access Paddy Power’s betting without markets from their racecards, with Betting W/O displayed among the alternative markets.

Place your betting W/O bet at Paddy Power


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