Blacklisted bookmakers

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in sports betting is to open an account at a blacklisted bookmaker or sportsbook. If you deposit funds into an account with one of these companies, you may run into problems when trying to collect winnings or get your money back out of your account.

Continue reading for a detailed guide to identifying and avoiding disreputable bookmakers. Alternatively, skip to a list of blacklisted bookmakers at the end, to make sure that the bookie you’re thinking of using isn’t a known fraudster.

If you’re looking for a reliable bookmaker, check our bookmaker reviews for details of some of the top and most trusted bookmakers.

What are blacklisted bookmakers?

Blacklisted bookmakers are betting companies, or sportsbooks, that engage in fraudulent or dishonest conduct.

There isn’t a central authority that blacklists bookmakers. Bookmakers may be blacklisted by gaming regulators in a specific region, but still be considered legal in other regions.

In addition, bookmakers may be informally considered as blacklisted once they have attracted a high enough number of complaints from users.

A variety of behaviours can result in a bookmaker being included in a blacklist. These include:

  • operating without a license – this may mean that some bookmakers are blacklisted in your geographical region but not in other regions
  • violating good conduct rules, including cancelling bets or changing the rules that apply to a bet after the bet has won
  • providing very poor customer service or consistently failing to respond to customers
  • frequently being unable to pay out funds, or withholding funds
  • serving as a front that allows for the confiscation of deposits
  • mismanagement, resulting in inferior service delivery.

How can you spot a blacklisted bookmaker?

It’s easy to imagine blacklisted bookmakers as grubby, seedy websites with unprofessional designs. Unfortunately, identifying blacklisted operators isn’t that simple.

In fact, fraudulent bookmaker sites may have very professional designs because they exist purely to tempt you into making a deposit. If you suspect a bookmaker may be disreputable, you should research its location, check for suspiciously exaggerated special offers and check the internet for customer complaints against the bookmaker.

Check the bookmaker’s location

Find out where the bookmaker is located. As a rule of thumb, bookmakers hosted in Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta are less likely to be illegal operators because these companies are subject to regulation by gaming commissions. Fraudulent bookmakers are more often located in countries where you’d find it difficult to take legal action against them, including countries in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia.

If a bookmaker is located outside the UK or Western Europe, you should be cautious – do some research before sharing any financial information with it or making a deposit.

Reputable bookmakers usually display information about their locations and the gambling regulators for their regions on their home pages. However, be aware that blacklisted bookmakers may publish fraudulent information on their websites. If you’re suspicious about a particular bookmaker, you need to contact the relevant gambling commission directly to find out whether that bookmaker is registered with it.

Be suspicious of exaggerated specials

The sole purpose of a fraudulent bookmaker site is to convince people to deposit funds (so that the funds can be stolen). Those designing the site will do anything they can to encourage you to make a deposit.

Accordingly, one sign of a fraudulent bookmaker is a free bet or signup bonus that looks too good to be true. If an offer seems too generous in relation to what’s being offered by other, trusted bookmakers, chances are that the site can’t be trusted.

Keep in mind that high free bet offers often require that you make large deposits in order to redeem the bets – which provides a perfect way for blacklisted bookmakers to trick you into depositing large sums of money.

Check for customer complaints

Fraudulent and poorly run bookmakers attract customer complaints. Customers may complain in bookmaker or betting forums, as well as on consumer complaint websites. Although even legitimate bookmakers will attract occasional complaints, you should regard a high volume of complaints that consistently mention the same problems as a red flag.

Blacklist reports

A number of websites and forums maintain records of blacklisted bookmakers. Some examples are the blacklists maintained by, the Off Shore Gaming Association and Bookmaker Update. These can be a useful resource for checking the status of an established bookmaker.

However, keep the following in mind when using these websites:

  • Some websites may report bookmakers as blacklisted because they’re not legal in a specific region or country where gambling is strictly regulated. As a result, legitimate bookmakers may be reported on blacklists.
  • Most fraudulent bookmakers won’t operate at a fixed web address or using a fixed brand. Instead they disappear and reappear under different branding. This means that lists of blacklisted operators easily become outdated.
  • If a bookmaker doesn’t appear on a blacklist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s legitimate. There are thousands of betting providers on the internet, and more appearing by the day, and it is difficult to track and report on the legality of each of these.

Trusted providers

The easiest way to avoid blacklisted bookmakers is to use only bookmakers with established, reputable betting brands. These bookmakers rely on their reputation for honesty and good customer service to attract new customers, and they take all complaints and disputes seriously.

When you use a trusted bookmaker, you’ll generally also get better value. This is because well-established bookmakers often offer daily betting specials, enhanced odds and a greater variety of sports betting markets than smaller, less well-known bookmakers.

Our most trusted bookmakers include:

List of blacklisted bookmakers

Remember that no list of blacklisted bookmakers will include every fly-by-night bookie – unscrupulous companies come and go overnight. So as well as checking the list here, always use your common sense and do some research before placing bets on a particular site.

Online bookmakers to avoid

Due to scams, bankruptcy or other widely reported issues, you’re better off avoiding the following online bookmakers:

#1Cyber Sport betting

#1On-Line Casino

#1Online Casino & Sportsbook

0000Manga Casino

000777Triple Win

000Crown Casino


007Casino & Sports book

007Sports betting


0-Online-Sports book




1800Sports wager



1Lucky Gambler

1Sport betting Sports book

1Sport book

1Sport Wagering

1stAccess Sportsbook






2003Betting Sports book



24Carat Sports book

24Kt Gold Casino


4 Sports betting Picks

4Cherry Casino

5thAve Casino


88 Sports betting


Aaa gaming

Aaron’s sports bet

ABC sports book

Advance Sports Betting


All bet Sports book

All Bets Placed Here

All Sports Bets

All Sports Market

Alladins Gold


Australia Casino

Auto Bet


Avator Casino

Average Joe Bets

AZ casino

Aztec Gaming

Bed Rock Gaming


Best Line Wager

Best Sports Betting Lines

Bet Casino Sports


Bet Gateway

Bet Way

















Betting Express

Big Boy Casino

Big Sports book

Big World Casino



British Casino





Central de Apostas

Centre Bet

Champ Sports book

Club DelSol


Compu Sports book

Credit Sports book

Cyber Bet z

Cyber Bookies

Daily Dime

Dimeline Sports

E Winner

Easy Bets

Easy Rollers


Enter Bet


ESPN sports book

Euro play

Euro Sport Wetten


Europlay International

EZ Bets

EZ Sports betting

EZ Sports book


Fat Cat Gaming

Gamble On Sports

Gamble On the Net

Get Win


Global Betting

Global Sports Network

Go Horse Betting

Go Sports

Go Sports Bet

Gold Victory

Golf And Bet

Golfing Gods

Good Bet Casino

Heroes Sports

High Stakes

Indio Soccer

Indy Casino

Inet Sports book


Insured Bet

Interactive Gaming


Jag Sports bet

Jet bets



King in

King sports betting

Las Palmas

Last Best Bet

Lazer Wager

Lazer Wager

Legend Sports book


M&M Sports

Major Betting

Mercury Sports

Metro Gaming

Monkey Bet

Mr Sports bet

MTL Sports Bet

My Bet

National Sports Gambling

Net Betz


Odds Alive


Online Gamble

On-Line Sports book

Only Winners

Pacific Sports Exchange (Sterling)

Paradise Sports

Paradise Sports book


Play Banks


Players Lounge

Players Super Book


Pro 5 Sports

Pro Football Lines And Odds


Pros Bet

Quick Silver Sports

Riverside World Sports

RKR sports

Royal Sports

Safest Bet

SBG Global

Simple Net Bet


Sporting Bet

Sports Bet Gambling

Sports Bet Online

Sports betting Arena

Sports Wagering Odds

SSP International


Super Bet

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The Bookmaker

The Online Bet

The Pool

Total Bets

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United Sports wager

Universal Sports

Virtual Sports book International

Wager Sports


World Gaming

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WW Sports book

Zillmer Enterprise

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