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    Combination tricast betting is offered on horse and greyhound racing. A combination tricast bet predicts which entries in a race will finish in the top three in any order. This is a lower risk betting option than straight tricast betting, which requires you to also predict the finishing order in the top three.

What is a combination tricast bet?

A combination tricast bet is a bet that three competitors in a horse of greyhound race will finish in the first three in any order. This is done by automatically combining six straight tricast bets covering every variation in your selections’ finishing order into a single bet.

How a combination tricast bet works

A combination tricast bet automatically bets on all possible combinations of finishing order for your three selections in a race. Because there are six possible variations of the finishing order for three horses, your stake will be multiplied by six to cover each variation.

How many bets are in a combination tricast?

A combination tricast bet combines six straight tricast bets into a single bet.

This is because six straight tricast bets are required to cover every variation in finishing position for three horses completing a race in the top three.


Say you pick three horses – horses A, B and C – as the ones most likely to place first, second and third in a race. The six possible combinations, or finishing orders, you’ll be backing in a combination tricast are as follows:

  • A-B-C
  • A-C-B
  • B-A-C
  • B-C-A
  • C-A-B
  • C-B-A.

How to calculate tricast returns

A combination tricast is a lot less risky than a standard tricast, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. This is still a tricky bet. With high risk, however, you get high payouts. Even a fairly small stake on a combination tricast could win you a significant amount.

You won’t know the exact amount you stand to win on a combination tricast bet until your race has been completed.

The racing industry uses a computer algorithm that takes various factors into account to calculate the payouts. For example, these factors include the odds on your three selections and the size of the field.

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