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    A double is the simplest form of multiple bet available at bookmakers. This straightforward multiple bet option takes two bets on selections in two different events and combines them into a single bet.

Both of your selections need to win in order for a double to pay out. A single losing selection will cause you to for

Although it is popular in both horse racing and football, double betting can be used on any sport and even two different sports.

Note that the bets placed in a double bet must always be placed on separate events.

For example you cannot use this bet type on two horses in one race. In a horse racing market this will become a forecast bet.

How does a double bet work?

The simplest way to conceptualize how a double works is to picture it happening in two stages using two single bets.

in the first stage the stake for the double is bet on the first selection in the double. If that selection wins its event, the return from that bet (stake + profit) is placed on the second selection.

For a more mathematical approach you can formulate the double bet as the following calculation:

Double odds = (Selection 1 odds x Selection 2 odds) + (Selection 1 odds + Selection 2 odds)

Double bet example


A punter decides to bet a double on the Premier League.

For the first bet he backs Manchester City to beat Fulham at odds of 2/1. In another he bets on a draw between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur at odds of 3/1. He places a £1 stake on each bet.

Using the first method of calculating a double, we can see that if Arsenal beats Chelsea the total return of £3 will be bet on the West Ham vs Tottenham draw at 3/1.

If these teams draw, the total payout will be £12, for a profit of £11 and the £1 stake returned, equivalent to overall odds of 11/1.

Throw the same odds into our doubles formula and you get:

  • Double bet odds = (2/1 x 3/1) + (2/1 + 3/1)
  • Double bet odds = (6/1) + (5/1) = 11/1

How to place a double bet

Placing a double is straightforward.

Simply go to an online bookmaker, make two separate selections in two separate events and the option to place a double bet will appear on the betting slip.

Enter your stake for the double bet, confirm your bet and you are done.

It is also possible to manually place a double bet by placing the winning return on one bet on a second bet. However, this does not allow you to place doubles on events occurring at the same time.

Which bookmakers accept double bets

You can place double bets at any online bookmaker. All you’ll need to do is make your two selections, open your betting slip and choose the double bet option by entering a stake for it.

We recommend the following trusted bookmakers for doubles:


How does an each way double work?

An each way double effectively doubles your total stake and splits your double bet into two separate double bets. It is commonly used by punters on horse racing and greyhound racing

The first bet used in an each way double is a standard win double where you back two selections to win their respective events.

The second is a double where you back your two selections with an each way bet in their respective events, i.e. you back them to place in their events.

The permutations for an each way double bet are slightly more complex than for a standard double bet:

  • if one selection loses and also fails to place, both bets lose
  • if both selections place, but only one selection wins, the each way part of the double will pay out and the stake on the win part of the bet will be lost
  • if both selections win, both the win double and each way double will pay out.

Note that standard each way terms will apply to each way doubles.

Double bet calculator

Don’t feel like doing the math on multiple bets yourself? Use our double bet calculator to calculate double bet returns and how much you could win from your double bet.

Select ‘Double’ under ‘Bet Type’ in the calculator

Open calculator

Doubles betting system

The strategy for betting on doubles is straightforward.

If you have two selections you are confident can win their respective events, whether in a tennis tournament or a horse race, and you want to get the best possible odds of they both win, a double is the way to go.

The amount of money won on a successful double will always eclipse the winnings you’d get placing two winning single bets on the same number of selections.

For selections to place double bets on we also offer daily horse racing double betting tips for your convenience.

Double bet FAQ

How does a double result bet work?

The double result bet is a variation of a double that is typically offered as a separate market. In this bet a punter bets on the ‘result’ of a single match at both half time and full time. If the half time bet wins, the return is bet on the full time prediction. If that wins the overall bet pays out, while if it loses the whole bet loses.

How much does a double cost?

As is the case with a normal win bet, there is no max stake specific to doubles, and your double bet will be subject to the same upper and qualifying bet limits your bookie sets for its other bet types. So a double bet will cost as much as you are prepared to wager.

How are double bet odds worked out?

The odds for doubles can be worked out using the following formula:

Double bet odds = (Selection 1 odds x Selection 2 odds) + (Selection 1 odds + Selection 2 odds)

What are the advantages of placing a double bet?

As is the case with other multiple bet types, the advantage of placing a double is the ability to get higher odds and bigger winnings than you would placing two separate single bets on the same number of selections.

Using horse racing as an example, if you bet £1 on one horse to win its race at 3/1 and £1 on another horse to win its race at 4/1, you’d earn only win £7 if both your single bets won.

By comparison if you bet £2 on the same selections in a double, you would get effective odds of 19/1. And if two horses win you will win big and walk away with total winnings of £38!

On the flipside, betting on singles means you only need one single bet to win to earn a payout on the same selection.

How to place a double bet at Paddy Power

To place a double at Paddy simply open the website or app, place a qualifying bet in two separate sports events and open your betting slip. The option to place a double will automatically appear on your betting slip. Enter the stake for your double and you’re done.

How to place a double bet on bet365

Placing a double at bet365 is very simple. Make two selections in different events in bet365’s betting market. Then expand your bet slip and you will se ‘Doubles’ displayed at the bottom of the slip along with the cumulative odds on your bet. Enter your stake, submit the bet and your double bet has been placed.

What happens to a double bet when there are non-runners?

If there is a non-runner in a double placed on a horse race, the terms at which the bet were taken will determine what happens. If you bet under no-runner, no-bet your double will become a single. Otherwise you will forfeit the overall bet, unless your bookie’s policies indicate otherwise.

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