Full-time result betting

Full-time result betting is match betting market which predicts the outcome of a sports match at the end of regulation time.

This betting market is typically associated with football betting, but can be offered for any sports match.

Some bookmakers may not use the term ‘full-time’ and may instead list this market by the number of regulation minutes available, for example ’90 minutes’ for football.

How full-time result betting works

Full-time result betting is a simple market to understand and a good place to get started if you are new to football betting.

The market is usually the main market displayed for any football match at online bookies, and if you navigate to a specific tournament (for example the Premier League) you will usually see a list of fixtures presented as full-time result betting markets.

All you need to to do to place this type of bet is a funded account at an online bookie and a prediction of what the match result will be at full-time.


For example

Manchester United takes on Chelsea in a Premier League match.

The full-time result betting market lists three outcomes:

  • Chelsea to win at 2/1
  • A draw at 3/1
  • Manchester United to win at 5/4

A punter selects Chelsea to win the match and submits their stake. If the match ends in a win for Chelsea at the end of regulation time, the punter will be paid out at odds of 2/1.

Full-time result betting: extra time, injury time and penalties

While placing a full-time bet is as simple as it gets, there can be confusion around what ‘full-time’ actually means.

This is because many matches extend beyond regular time, with referees adding additional time to the clock to compensate for stoppages in play from injuries or substitutions.

Furthermore, in some cases a drawn match may lead to extra time being played to attempt to resolve the deadlock. In football or cricket the match can end up in a tiebreaker like penalties or a super over respectively.

At this point you may be wondering ‘what is full-time in a full-time bet’?

In general bookmakers will lump any injury or stoppage time added to regulation time into this market.

So, if your football match ends at 94 minutes with stoppage time, your bet will be paid out based on the result when the referee blows their whistle.

Similarly bookmakers will typically not include extra-time (playing additional time in a match after a short break) or penalties when deciding the outcome of a full-time bet.

Therefore if your team wins a World Cup final on penalties after a draw in regulation and extra time, your bet will still lose.

However, it is important to note that the terms and definition of ‘full-time’ may vary by bookmaker and even by fixture. 

Ensure that you read up on the terms of the bet if you want clarification on when the full-time period ends.

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