A Canadian bet, also known as a Super Yankee, is a combination of 26 separate accumulator bets made on five selections.
Canadian bets


A slang term for odds of 3/1.


Abbreviation for Course and Distance.


UK slang for £100 GBP.


A betting favourite.

chalk player

A punter who most often bets on the favourite.


A term for betting wildly in the hopes of recovering losses.


French for chiefs of racing, a term that describes certain influential sires. A horse's Dosage Index depends on the presence of any of these horses in the last four generations of its lineage.


The extension of the backstretch or homestretch where 7- and 10-furlong races typically start.

circled game

An event for which bookmakers reduce normal wagering limits or limit betting, due to factors - like injuries or unpredictable weather - that make the outcome highly uncertain.

claiming race

A horse race in which the runners are for sale. Claims are made before the race is run.


A ranking for horse races. In the UK, there are six classes of races, numbered from 1 to 6. Class 1 races are the most prestigious, with the best horses and the most money on offer.


Term used to refer to traditionally significant races or race features.

Clerk of the Scales

The official who checks that all jockeys weigh in correctly at the end of a horse race.


A horse that performs best in the final stages of a race.

closing line

Also known as the final line, the betting line before a bookmaker sets, or fixes, the odds for an event.

clubhouse turn

On a racetrack, the turn after the finish line.


Another term for joint favourite - a selection that shares the lowest odds with one or more other selections.


An ungelded male horse (one that hasn't been castrated) that's four years old or younger.

combination bet

A combination bet consists of multiple bets on a series of selections. Typically the same stake is placed for each of the bets.
Combination bets

combination forecast

A combination forecast bet is a combination of bets on three horses that will pay out if two of the selected horses finish in the top two positions in a race in any order.
Combination forecast bets

combination tricast

Combination tricast betting is offered on horse and greyhound racing. A combination tricast bet predicts which entries in a race will finish in the top three in any order. This is a lower risk betting option than straight tricast betting, which requires you to also predict the finishing order in the top three.
Combination tricast bets

consolation double

In horse racing, a double payoff for the winner of the first race if there's a late scratch, or cancellation, in the second race.

correct score bet

A correct score bet is a bet on the exact score of a match at the end of normal time.
Correct score betting

Course and Distance

Abbreviated as CD, a sign that a horse has won in the past over the same distance on the same course.

cover the spread

In spread betting, a phrase that means beating the spread by the required number of points.

credit bet

A bet that's accepted without a cash deposit.


Abbreviation for correct score.

CS bet

See correct score bet


A description of a racetrack condition characterised by a loose surface.