The selection with the lowest odds, meaning that it's considered the most likely to win.


1. In horse racing, the rail that outlines the racetrack. 2. In National Hunt racing, the obstacle used for steeplechase horseraces


All competitors in an event.


A female horse that's four years old or younger.

final line

See closing line

first deposit bonus

A bonus offered by an online bookmaker when you make your first deposit of money to the bookmaker's betting site. Often it's redeemable only once a certain number of bets, or bets to a specified value, have been made.

first goalscorer

Abbreviated as FGS, a bet that a particular player will score the first goal in a match.

first half bet

Also referred to as Half Time Result or HRT, a bet on the result of a match at half-time.

first scorer/correct score double

Also referred to as a scorecast bet, a combined bet on which player will score the first goal in a match and on the final match score.

fixed odds

Fixed odds are odds that are guaranteed not to change once a punter places a bet. This protects the punter from any odds fluctuations that occur in the betting market after the bet is placed.
Fixed odds betting


A wager on four selections that consists of 23 bets - six doubles, four trebles, one fourfold accumulator and six up-and-down bets. One winning selection guarantees a payout.
Flag bets

flat racing

Horse racing on courses that don't include obstacles or jumps. In the UK, this type of racing is contrasted with National Hunt racing.


A forecast is a bet on selections finishing in a specific order in an event.
Forecast bets


An indication of a competitor's chances of winning an event, based on its past performance. Typically the last five performances are most often used to assess form.

form player

A punter who bets based primarily on competitors' past performance.

founding sires

Three sires from which most thoroughbred horses are descended. They are the Darley Arabian, Byerly Turk and Godolphin Barb.

fourfold accumulator

An accumulator that includes four selections in different events. Also known as a quad.

fractional odds

Fractional odds are odds expressed as fractions that specify the total amount you'll win if you win a bet, relative to the stake you placed.
Fractional odds

free bet

A free bet is a bet of a specified value for which a bookmaker offers to pay the stake. Many online bookmakers offer free bets to customers who open new betting accounts with them.
Free bets

full cover bet

Any combination bet that includes all possible doubles, trebles and accumulators for a given number of selections.

full-time result bet

A full-time result bet is a straightforward bet on the full-time result of a match. It involves wagering on one of three outcomes – team A winning, team B winning, or a draw between teams A and B. If the bet was on a winner, it will not pay out on matches decided in extra time or by penalties.


In horse racing, a standard distance equal to about 200 metres, or just under 219 yards. A mile includes eight furlongs.


A juveniles stakes race for which the horse owners have to make continuous payments to maintain their horses' eligibility.

full cover bet

A full cover bet is a bet that includes all possible multiple bets , including doubles, trebles and accumulators, for a given number of selections.
Full cover bets

full cover bet with singles

A full cover bet with singles is just what it says – a combination of a full cover bet , which consists of all possible doubles, trebles and accumulators for a given number of selections, with a number of single bets.
Full cover bets with singles